Obsession In Death – J.D. Robb

Pros: character development

Cons: mystery a bit lame

Obsession in Death is the 40th book of the In Death series by J.D. Robb.  Like all of the books, we follow Lieutenant Eve Dallas of the NY Police force as she catches one case after another. 

By this point, it’s the early 2060’s, and Eve is looking forward to a little vacation.  Until a couple homicides occur with a very personal connection to Eve.  The killer has left Eve a note.  These kills are a favor to Eve – their purpose: to take out someone who has betrayed Eve (in the killer’s mind).  Yes, the killer considers it their mission to take out Eve’s enemies and to prove their undying love/respect/admiration for Eve.

In general, I enjoy the In Death series.  Normally the mysteries are pretty intriguing, and the futuristic setting allows us to read about some fun technology advances.  Further, the series includes a host of characters who have truly grown on me – and have grown, themselves, throughout the series.  Overall, the series is a real pleasure to read.

That said, Obsession in Death is not the best of the bunch.

Frankly, I was bored.  The mystery is a bit weak.  Even the “big reveal” at the end was more of a whimper than a bang.  And worst of all, it’s solved more through a giant coincidence than any real detecting.  Sure, the team does what it can to try to figure out “who done it” but it’s a chance encounter on a street that really turns the case.  I find this lazy and just dull.

There is one good part of the story, though.  At one point, it seems likely that the killer might turn her rage to one of Eve’s loved ones in order to garner more attention.  As Eve starts naming who might be endanger she is amazed at the sheer size of the list.  The Eve from 30 books ago would have had a much shorter list of those to whom she feels close.  But this Eve has quite a few people she genuinely cares about.  Even naming several people who only appeared in one previous book.  It was nice to have this “walk down memory lane” of Eve’s past cases, and to have Eve recognize just how many lives she’s touched in a positive way.

So, good job, on the character-development.  But the overall story was still a bit lame.  I don’t think anything will get me to abandon the series, but Obsession was just not the best.


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