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Senior Reviewer

I live in Northern Indiana and like to review strange products like the Ouija Board, movies, music and more. My name is derived from my Black Labrador being named Pagan – some simply shorten Pagans-a-Dog and call me Pagan.



Senior Reviewer

It seemed one day I was sixteen, and the next, sixty-six. Where did the time go? What did I do? Well, for a few years, I helped gather cattle on the Central Oregon desert, flew in two small airplanes all over the Pacific Northwest, hunted, solo-camped in the Cascades Wilderness Area, oh, and was a self-employed business person for thirty-seven years. I look forward to calling upon those unforgettable experiences in writing reviews. Wheels up!



Senior Reviewer

Just ask the dogs or my husband, I’m opinionated and love sharing both positive and negative thoughts about products and services. I love children’s books that foster a passion for reading, I adore my two Labradors and am a fitness-crazy person always looking forward to achieving a new goal. I dream on two wheels or when surrounded by butterflies and hummingbirds.



Senior Reviewer

For over twelve years I have written reviews. It is a great way to share experiences and meet new friends. As an author, I have several books published, including “Harriet’s Horrible Hair Day” and “Mist-Seer”. When not at the keyboard, I enjoy quilting, gardening, baking, and am an avid reader… Enjoy the day!



Senior Reviewer

My name is Molly. I’m a daughter of the South, an educator teaching Early Childhood Education 30+ years, a QMRP, a writer of cozy mystery novels and one western, a parent of sons, a committed genealogy advocate, and a gardener dedicated to the growing of iris. I also collect all kinds of depression-era stuff.



Senior Reviewer

Having written for various sites around the internets for years, I take pride in reviewing bad and/or obscure movies and music that no one has heard about. I proudly make music that no one knows or, really, cares about, but that’s the fun of it. Hopefully, I can expose readers to esoteric things that may or may not be healthy for them…



Senior Reviewer

I have enjoyed creative writing and reading since I was a little girl and started reviewing books, movies, and music in 1999 when I joined, amassing Top Reviewer hats and 2345 reviews by its demise. I’m self-publishing revamped old writing on at the moment, but hope to move on to more challenges while continuing to review at Living in Nebraska I enjoy the wide open skies as a compassionate atheist or humanist and hope to soon discover a natural way to regenerate my impaired spinal cord.



Senior Reviewer

I live at the Jersey Shore and enjoy spending my free time at the beach, in the pool, or generally just relaxing in my little corner of the world. When I’m not relaxing, I’m writing reviews, cooking for friends and family, doting on my cats and parrot, and trying to figure out how to make a living on a Caribbean island. I have been writing product reviews for almost a decade and enjoy sharing my experiences, both good and bad, with other consumers and with the companies who make and provide them.




I’m Mona. I’ve spent my entire career (25 years) behind a computer screen. Programming/trouble-shooting/documenting, pretty much anything that involves the computer! As an editor at, I hope I can help make this site a fun and exciting place for our excellent reviewers, and a great place for our readers to find helpful, enjoyable, and informative reviews.

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krisKrista AQ Thompson


I’m a nearly-old (or nearly-young, if I’m feeling optimistic) taphophile with a real passion for gathering information, then organizing it in a way that makes sense. While my degree is in psychology/victimology, I’ve long dreamed of pursuing conflict resolution and mediation on a global scale (go figure). When I’m not planted in front of the computer or nose-first in a book, I’m likely to be found in my garden, in a graveyard, or just daydreaming.


ahilalAndy Hilal


I’m a 15-year career internet community builder and former head of product management and community at Epinions. I’ve always been passionate about using the internet to give ordinary people a voice in ecommerce. When I’m not working I enjoy cooking, gardening, carpentry, writing fiction, video games, and playing with my delightful young daughter.

Please feel free to with any questions you may have.