People want to repost reviews here

It’s a fact! All of us have a body of work already and we want it to find a new home where it can reach an audience – and who knows, perhaps even earn some cash. Especially right now, I totally understand folks wanting a place to bring their older content to, and I welcome it.

Is this allowed?

Yes, with some conditions. Please keep reading.

The reason for caution: duplicate content penalties could kill this site

In order to grow and survive, we need Google to index this site and start showing our pages in their search results. If we’re not careful about reposts, we could get into trouble.

If VeryHelpful.net has too much content originally posted on other sites, Google might start to regard VeryHelpful.net as a copycat site, or at best just a duplicative source of information. We would not be ranked highly at all in Google search results, and it would be hard for anyone to ever find us. At worst, we could end up banned by Google, which would permanently doom the site to obscurity.

This was the whole basis for , and if anything we need to be even more vigilant here, as a small new site that is still building its reputation.

The rules

1. Your review title must be completely rewritten here. Do not use the title it was originally published under. Write a distinctive title that summarizes your sentiments about the product.

2. Your review here must have at least 250 words of original content. You can add to your old review, or you can replace part of your old review. But please do not achieve this by pasting in boilerplate or by mere repetitiveness.

3. Adapt your reviews to the VeryHelpful.net template. Reviews here have a title, then the product title, then an image, then an Amazon link, then stars, then pros/cons, then the body. Please adapt your content to this format so that it looks good and remains consistent with other reviews here.

4. Your review must be back-dated to its original publication date. Do not simply type the original date inside the review. Use the WordPress tools to change the publication date of your post (instructions below). Back dating will keep old reviews from dominating the homepage and drowning out new writing.

How to back-date your reviews

When posting your review, look to the right for the “Publish” module, where you can change the publication date of your review.

See below:

Bring your reviews!

Thanks for reading this, everyone. You have all been very considerate about the reposting issue and I thank you for your caution. I know this is kind of a pain but we do need to be careful.

I hope these guidelines pave the way for you to bring your body of work here. We all have a lot of time invested in our writing and VeryHelpful.net is here to provide a home for that. If we’re careful we can achieve that without getting into any trouble.

Thanks again,