Survivor in Death by J. D. Robb

Pros: Decent character development

Cons: Not the strongest mystery in the world

Survivor In Death is the 20th book in J.D. Robb’s In Death series.  Set in the 2050’s, this series follows Lieutenant Eve Dallas in the NY Police Department.  In each book, she’s dragged into a case – usually a homicide or two – and with the help of her co-workers, friends, and ever-present husband Roarke, solves the cases, and saves the day.

In this case, she has a horrible crime scene in front of her. Nearly an entire family wiped out in a terrible streak of violence. The only survivor – the young daughter on whom good luck just happened to shine at the right moment.

Now Eve takes temporary charge of this young girl. For not only is she a survivor – she’s the only witness, and thus a clear threat to the perps. For all of these reasons, Eve will do whatever it takes to keep her safe, and to find those responsible for the murders.

Along the way, more bodies will pile up and a convoluted story of revenge takes shape. And all the while, Eve develops a bond with this young girl as Eve’s own terrible childhood memories are called to the surface.

Survivor In Death was enjoyable in terms of the character’s growth and development even if it wasn’t the strongest mystery in the world. In fact, the mystery as to “whodunit” was pretty lame. I barely followed the convoluted logic involved in the motives given. And a whole lot of things made little sense, in terms of the chances the bad guys take, in order to meet their goals.

But Survivor gives us a whole lot of character growth, and in a series of books that currently stretches over 40 volumes, these characters need to grow and change, or the whole thing gets tiresome. Having Eve and her husband Roarke be around a kid was just the thing they needed. Truly. After all, a big part of their personalities comes from something they have in common – horrid, tragic childhoods. Getting to spend time with a kid who has been through the ringer helps Eve and Roarke put their own pasts just a little further behind them.

I also really enjoyed the banter between Eve and her co-workers. Typically these books have a bit of humor in them, but this one was exceptional in that regard. And best of all, Roarke wasn’t overly annoying in this book, as he sometimes is.

So, all in all, Survivor In Death worked, for me. Not the best mystery, but a decent addition to the In Death series.

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