Never Die Alone by Lisa Jackson


Pros: decent thriller that held my interest throughout

Cons: very gruesome violence

Twins have had a lot to be frightened of in Lisa Jackson’s Never Die Alone. Why? Because over years, a madman was on the hunt. And his targets? Sets of twins. All killed horribly on their 21st birthday.

The good news is, he’s been caught. The police have “The 21 Killer” in custody. Or do they? Because now another set of twins has gone missing.

Brianna Hayward is on the case. Cousin to the man who’s been currently serving his sentence, Brianna wants to prove him innocent. Not only for her cousin’s sake, but to help find the real killer. And, hopefully, to save Zoe and Chloe’s lives – before the clock strikes midnight, the twins turn 21, and “The 21 Killer” adds another two notches.

Helping Brianna is Jase, a reporter with a huge secret of his own. And Detective Rick Bentz, who shows up in several Jackson novels. Besides this case, Bentz is busy tracking down another serial killer, too.

Overall, Never Die Alone is a decent thriller. There’s non-stop action, and a lot of twists to keep us guessing. And while we are privy to the killer’s thoughts and actions, we don’t really know who he is for quite some time. Thus there’s a mystery for us to solve, as well.

Characters are likeable and for once Ms. Jackson doesn’t force a horrid romance angle down our throats. In fact, my only real complain about this book is the sheer level of horrible violence. It’s hard to read some of the more gruesome details. Of course, this is a thriller, so we go into it expecting violence and shocking crime. It’s just that Never Die Alone goes a bit over the top here and there.

Still, a decent thriller with a lot of intrigue and a fascinating back-story. Well-worth the time.

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