Monkey Hook Hangers – Heavy-Duty

Pros: no tools required, simple to install, creates small hole, each hook holds 50 pounds

Cons: not designed to anchor into wall studs (if this is important to you)

We had a large, very heavy whiteboard to mount on the wall.  I felt trapped in a joke …. How many engineers does it take to install a whiteboard?  Ideas, disputes, levels, measuring tapes, more discussion.  Finally someone said, “Monkey Hooks!”  That is how I became involved with using these Heavy Duty Monkey Hooks.


Monkey Hooks are designed to hang wall-mounted items in drywall.  The hooks are constructed from steel and have a unique curve to them.  The tip of the hook, which enters the wall, has a sharp tip.  No tools are needed to use this product.  All you need is firm hand-pressure to insert the hook.  Each Monkey Hook is advertised to hold up to 50 pounds.

Our Experiences

We had been procrastinating the whiteboard project.  The board is huge and heavy, and no one wanted to tangle with the job of how best to hang it on the wall.  Our engineers pooled together for discussion during lunch, and one person mentioned how they had helped a relative hang heavy items using Monkey Hooks.  He had never seen the product in action before then, and he was impressed with the results.  He convinced us with this enthusiasm for the product, so we bought a package of Heavy Duty Monkey Hooks.

Since each hook is rated to hold 50 pounds, two hooks will hold 100 pounds.  We used two hooks for our wall-mounting project.  The most difficult part of the procedure was determining the board was level and where to place the hooks.  A measuring tape and level solved the problem.  Since the board was so heavy, we required several people to support the board while the best position for the hooks was determined.

The hooks are super easy to use.  The pointed end is pressed into the wall and twisted a bit, almost like drilling a pilot hole to ease the hook insertion.  Simply determine where you want the hook placed and use steady hand pressure, along with a twisting motion to slide the hook through the drywall.  When the hook is fully inserted, about a 1/2-inch upright metal piece is left extended from the wall.  This 1/2-inch hook is where the item is hung from.  No tools are necessary.  After all that discussion and dithering, we had the whiteboard hung in minutes.  The hooks are holding the weight with ease.

One thing to consider: These hooks are meant to slide directly into drywall.  They are not intended to be inserted into a wall stud.  Before inserting the Monkey Hooks, make sure a wall stud is not located where the hooks is being installed.

Suggested uses for these hooks are to hang wall-mounted items such as photographs, framed artwork, mirrors, home décor items.  We successfully hung a large whiteboard with ease.


I would definitely purchase these Heavy Duty Monkey Hooks again.  I like that no wall stud is needed since the hooks are designed to even distribute weight across the wall surface.  Just insert the Monkey Hook into the drywall by pressing and twisting.  The hooks hold a lot of weight and are incredibly simple to use.

I hope you found this review useful.

Enjoy your day,

Copyright 2015 Dawn L. Stewart

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