Trudeau Two-Tone Mixing 3-Bowl Set

Pros: extremely lightweight, non-skid material on base, space-saving bowls nest inside one another

Cons: sizes not marked on the bowls

I do a lot of baking and decided another set of mixing bowls would come in handy.  I have an older set of Trudeau mixing bowls, which I love … so I thought ordering a second set of Trudeau bowls would be great.  I wasn’t expecting the Trudeau Two-Tone Mixing Bowl Set to be a completely different product.  Overall, I am delighted with the newer version mixing bowl set, but there are a few things I would change.


This set of mixing bowls comes with three sizes: 2 quart, 3 quart, and 4 quart.  Each bowl is a different color: red, green, blue.  The “two-tone” description comes from the bowl exterior and interior being different colors.  The three bowls all have a white-color interior.

The bowls are constructed from durable polypropylene, which feels like a very lightweight plastic.  The manufacturer states the bowls are non-skid and that they have scratch-resistant bases.  Each bowl has a molded handle on one side and a pour spout on the opposite side.  They can be used in the microwave and are dishwasher safe.

My Experiences

My older Trudeau mixing bowl set is heavier and constructed from melamine.  These bowls have seen years of consistent use and still look virtually new.  I love them.  So I was surprised when the new bowls arrived and they looked like a lightweight plastic, constructed from polypropylene.  Another difference was that the new bowl interiors were white, while the older bowls had the same interior and exterior color.  I think I was so focused on the Trudeau name and that three mixing bowls were in the set that I didn’t clue into the differences.

Having used the new mixing bowl set for several months now, I can report that I love them.  The bowls are super-lightweight.  Easy to carry and use.  When heavier batter is in the bowl, the lighter bowl is easier to carry and maneuver than a heavier mixing bowl.

The bottom of each bowl also has a bit of non-stick material adhering to it.  The coating is enough so that if the bowl is full, and I nudge it, the bowl stays in place.  The non-stick coating is also nice for when I slightly tip the bowl on the table or counter to mix the batter at an angle.  However, the non-stick material is not powerful enough to “glue” the bowl to a flat surface.  The bowl will tip or move given the right push or pressure.

Each bowl has a molded “ear” for a handle.  For me, the handle is not 100-percent comfortable, but I’m sure others will probably feel it works fine.  The handle is not quite shaped right for my hand.  The pour spout is excellent.  It has a nice well-defined groove to guide poured ingredients.

At first I was nervous of the bowls having white interiors.  I thought they would show stains.  However, so far the bowls look great, and the white interiors still are stain-free.  I have not gone out of my way to use these bowls with food items I know could be risky such as using them to mix ingredients containing tomato sauce.  I have also not used these bowls in the microwave since I’ve never had to.

Even though these bowls can be washed in the dishwasher, I always hand wash them.  They are so easy to clean.  It is simple to set the bowl in the sink with some water and liquid dishwashing soap inside and then to rinse the bowl clean after I’m done.  I let the bowls air dry.


The Trudeau Two-Tone Mixing Bowl Set has a great advantage in being lightweight and easy to use.  The bowl material is durable and looks new, holding up great to frequent use.  If I had to pick one thing to suggest to the manufacturer, it would be to mark the bowl size on the bottom (ex: 3-quarts).  There are times I need to know the size of a bowl, and I don’t want to have to remember the size of every bowl, pot, or pan I own.  I would buy this mixing bowl set again.

Enjoy the day,

Copyright 2015 Dawn L. Stewart

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