Rada Handi-Stir Whisk with Aluminum Handle

Pros: lightweight, unique design, whisk works great, easy to clean

Cons: handle finish, not dishwasher safe

I always enjoy receiving kitchen gadgets.  They are fun to try, and who knows when one will become a favorite.  A relative gave me this Rada Handi-Stir Whisk with the aluminum handle as a gift.  It is the handiest whisk, and different from other whisks I own, but there is one drawback.


End to end, this Rada whisk measures about 9 1/2” long.  The handle is constructed from solid brushed aluminum with a satin finish.  The business end is made from a 300 Series high nickel grade Stainless Steel, and has a Stainless Steel spring in a U-shape at the very end.  Note:  This is not dishwasher safe.  (This product also comes with a resin handle, which is listed as being more “dishwasher tolerant”.)  The whisk is made in the U.S.A.

My Experiences

A relative presented me with an assortment of Rada kitchen gadgets as a present.  I have been using this Rada Handi-Stir Whisk for over six months.

When I first removed the whisk from the packaging, I was delighted with the sleek design of the whisk.  It has impressive appearance that gives it that more expensive look.  The rectangular handle fits well in my hand, and the whisk has good balance.  I also like the unique design of the whisk head.

There is a U-shaped piece of Stainless Steel that holds the whisk, which is essentially a Stainless Steel spring.  The spring can be removed from the end of the whisk for more thorough cleaning if desired.  This clever design allows the whisk to reach into bowls and pans, the U-shape neatly fitting into corners for a more complete mixing job.

I primarily use this whisk to whip egg mixtures and have used it in a variety of mixing bowls with happy results.  It is also good for stirring gravies or sauces.  I would not use it for heavy-duty mixing.  For instance, it does a terrific job whipping eggs before I add them into batters to bake bread, pancakes, and other food.  It also works well to blend water with drink mixes or to mix gelatin.

Where this Rada product let me down is with the handle.  The brushed aluminum is not dishwasher safe, which is fine for me.  I prefer to hand wash my whisks.  I use a soft sponge and liquid dishwashing soap.  The liquid soaps I have used include Method or Palmolive.  At first the handle was fine.  But over a few months of hand washing, the handle finish has degraded, making the handle look older than the utensil actually is.  The Stainless Steel parts are fine and clean well.  The whisk is very easy to keep clean.  However, I’m disappointed the handle doesn’t keep its finish, despite my gentle care.


I’m torn with how to rate the Rada Handi-Stir Whisk with the aluminum handle.  Functionality is great.  The design is terrific.  This is the first whisk I reach for when blending eggs.  However, I feel the handle should maintain its finish.  I would not give this as a gift for that reason.  I’m pleased to use it though.

I hope you found this review useful.

Enjoy your day,

Copyright 2015 Dawn L. Stewart

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