Mopar Carpeted Front Floor Mat Set for Jeep (JK) Wrangler 2 Door in Dark Slate Grey


Pros: Durable, attractive and easy-to-clean.  Priced right.  Better than original equipment.  Holding-up well after several Maine winters.

Cons: Wouldn’t be needed if the originals had been a quality pair.

Mopar floor mat before the clean-up crew arrived.

It’s difficult to believe that five years have passed since I negotiated the purchase of my nifty Jeep Wrangler.  New sets of brakes, tires, ball joints and front shocks solidified the solid ride to like-new status.  A thorough going-over evicted a variety of critters from the air cleaner and exchanged the original spark plugs for a half-dozen state-of-the-art Bosch Platinum Plus 4.


With the mechanicals tip-top, I concentrated on cosmetics.  A bath, some wax and a bit of detailing were all accomplished that first weekend.  Nothing like a new vehicle to motivate the owner – from past experience, we all know that it’s good to get as much of the fun done before the thrill is gone.

The same 5-year-old Mopar floor mat after a quick once-over with the vacuum.

Mats Matter

Only one issue remained – the cheapo original equipment front floor mats were a thumb in the eye of my quest for pre-owned perfection.  The original driver’s heel had worn a significant hole in the mat just south of the gas pedal.  Chintzy and filthy with a threadbare, short nap – even a long rest would not reclaim the limited appeal they had once possessed.

Glad All Over

Driver side mat shows some wear, but the cool Jeep logo monogram is all those climbing aboard will notice. Note the hole that aligns with the post anchor.

At the Jeep‘s first dealer check-up, the parts peeps placed an order for the new mats.  Within a week they were in-hand and underfoot – and were superior to the originals.  A quality fit-and-finish make them an attractive accessory to the interior’s overall function and appeal.

Much more plush are these replacements, with a nubby rubber liner beneath that grips the base carpeting.  Embedded in the flooring on either side are hooked posts that align with holes in each mat to secure and prevent forward slippage – and the possibility of pedal interference.

Keep It Clean

The only thing happier than a clean Jeep is a muddy one.

Easily removed, these Mopar mats can be vacuumed with a beater bar on your patio or garage floor – or simply smacked against a rock to dis-embed the sand and small stones that gather.  In the spring, a short rinse with the garden hose will remove what the vacuum won’t.  I paid $60 (US) five-years ago and they still look great – amazing, in consideration of both the winter and mud seasons we experience annually.

Serious mud-puppies may find these inadequate for off-roading purposes – the custom, laser-fitted varieties that offer full-containment are superior for extreme conditions – and are priced accordingly.



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