HoMedics Envirascape Zen Springs Tabletop Indoor Fountain  WF-ZEN (Non-Illuminated)


Pros: Asian design influence.  Composite material has weight (stability) and features bronzed highlights.  Quiet operation.  Doesn’t leak.  Small footprint.

Cons: Those alleged “soothing sounds of cascading water and falling rain” were omitted from my Zen.  Water pump must remain totally submerged to maintain quiet operation.  The Zen‘s peace and harmony statement is one of near total invisibility.

It’s often humorous the gifts that well-meaning friends bestow upon us.  When I first received the Zen Springs fountain, my initial reaction was “What the bleep am I going to do with this?”  My busy suburban location was one where sirens and non-stop traffic comprised the daily audio soundtrack – the Zen‘s tiny trickle of tap water wouldn’t amount to a drop with its promised “relaxation meditation”.

Aside from producing “soothing sounds”HoMedics also states that the Zen Springs Fountain “humidifies naturally and improves concentration”.

Can You Say Feng Shui?

The art of Chinese Metaphysics (pronounced fung shway) represents the science of favorable positioning of inanimate objects in the human environment.  Due to the demure personality of the Zen Springs fountain, I placed it before a south-facing window so as to better detect the tinkling effect of its relaxing trickle.

Best Of Both Worlds

Despite the fact that the Zen Springs went completely unnoticed by visitors, I soon began to realize a better overall outlook coupled with a modest monetary gain that enabled me to become a future denizen within the home of my dreams.  Here in my quiet rural locale, I can better absorb the Zen Springs experience – though a close proximity is still required to fully disassociate the sound of its mystical stance from that of a well-equipped fish tank.

The Magic Within

Will the metaphysical Zen assist my Jeep in becoming a meta-mechanical marvel?

The HoMedics EnviraScape Zen Springs Tabletop Indoor Fountain has a 6 x 4.5-inch footprint and stands 9-inches high.  Its inscrutable self resembles oiled and hammered bronze – though in reality it appears to be constructed of a composite acrylic material.  The Zen‘s base resembles that of my table saw, with its canted legs and significant wrap-around apron.

The inner plane of the removable cylindrical top features a stack of horizontal arms at staggered lengths to empower the mini-cascade.  A 6-foot power cord (with in-line on-off switch) connects the Zen-master to its Class 2 Transformer.

A tiny water pump is attached to the underside of the tank cover and is removed by lifting the top section.  To adjust for evaporation, water can be added to the slot in the cover, which acts as the cascade’s perpetual return to the tank.

Zen Springs Eternal

The cat caught “improving his concentration”.

Though my initial reaction was one of $%@#!, I have now been enlightened by the true meaning of the Zen Springs effect.  More than a decade has passed since the Zen‘s bestowal, and this sovereign ode to re-giftable items is still available for purchase through multiple vendors.

Three stars for the Zen Springs Tabletop Fountain – due to the fact that it has lived well beyond the term of its limited warranty.  Another star is affixed to satisfy the item’s needless and weirdness factors; respectively.

Made in China

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