mCover Leather Folio Case for Kindle – Aqua

Pros: durable leather cover, ports and controls easy to access, simple to clean

Cons: won’t fit every Kindle style

When my first generation Kindle performed its final Swan Song, I needed a replacement.  I’m a confessed book-a-holic and wasted no time dashing to the Amazon.com website to scout out the Kindle offerings.  Unfortunately, the Kindle had changed size, so my old Kindle cover would not adequately protect the Kindle I purchased.  After some research, I bought this mCover Leather Folio Case for Kindle in the aqua color.


As you are probably aware, there are many different styles of Kindle eReaders, and they come in different sizes.  This particular leather cover is designed to fit the Fourth Generation Kindle with the 6-inch display screen and the 5-way controller.  (The case will not fit the Paperwhite model with the 6-inch display screen.  It will not fit earlier generation Kindles either.)  Available case colors are: aqua, black, blue, green, white, and pink).

The leather cover is a lovely light aqua color.  It has an inner pocket on the left inside cover.  The inner right side holds the Kindle with four corner protectors.  When the cover is closed, it can be fastened shut with a color-coordinated elastic cord, which is attached to the cover.  There is a groove on the front of the outside cover that the elastic cord fits into so that the cord doesn’t slip off.  The cover is also designed to fold backward so that the case can be held for easier reading.

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My Experiences

I wasn’t pleased to discover that the Kindle had changed sizes between models.  But I do enjoy that the newer Kindle is lighter and more streamlined.  It still has the same great display, and I can easily maneuver the controls to access my list of books.

The mCover Leather Folio Case has openings for the controls and ports.  I can easily access everything without needing to shift the Kindle or remove it from the cover.  Note that the exterior of the cover is leather as well as the interior pocket and corner pieces that hold the Kindle in place.  The rest of the interior cover is of a durable flat fabric with a brushed texture.

There are four corner leather pieces that securely anchor the Kindle into the right side of the cover.  Even though my Kindle has slipped a few times and taken a tumble, it has never fallen out of the mCover case.  I have never used the interior pocket.  If anything, it serves as a place to insert my fingers when I flip the left side to the back of the Kindle so that I can hold the eReader easier.

I like that this cover is well made.  It has solid stitching around the cover, too, which has not come loose.  Even though I fold the cover, the central area between the front and back covers that receives the most stress during the folding has never ripped or cracked.  The leather is simple to clean, too, with the swipe of a damp cloth.


The mCover Leather Folio Case for the Kindle was a great investment.  I read my Kindle a lot, and have used this cover for over a year.  The cover has no cracks or worn areas.  The elastic is still attached and in great condition.  I expect this cover will last the lifetime of the Kindle.  Time to read another book!

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