Wicked Ways by Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush


Pros: pretty much nothing

Cons: pretty much everything

Bleh.  Just not a good book.  Not good at all.

I’m talking about Wicked Ways, part of the Wicked series by Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush.  This is the first book in the series that I’ve read, so I really can’t comment on the series as a whole.  But this book was definitely not one I’d recommend.

Meet Elizabeth.  Adopted, so she’s never known her biological family.  But she’s always had weird feelings – an ability to see danger right before it actually happens.  And, lately, people she’s wished harm to have ended up dead.  Like the police officer with a bad attitude who gave her a ticket and was extra-nasty to boot.  And her husband.  And a few others.  People who’ve pissed her off to the point where she wishes them gone. Then, suddenly, they find themselves dead.

Meet Ravina.  Elizabeth’s biological cousin.  Has never met Elizabeth but has a “feeling” that Elizabeth might be in danger.  So she takes off on a trek to find her cousin and warn her.

There you have it – the plot – such as it is.  Not my favorite type of plot, but I would have been Ok with it, if the characters had been at all likeable or interesting.

But instead we have two leading ladies I could do without.  Elizabeth is a scared, whining, weak individual.  Does she really believe she can “wish” people dead?  I mean, c’mon — really, truly believe it?  She spends her time hanging out with “friends” who are obnoxious and pushy.  Even Elizabeth doesn’t seem to like them very much, but she hangs with them anyway.  Why?  Because Elizabeth can’t say “no”.  Ever.  This also explains why her daughter is a Brat.  With a capital B.

Then there’s Ravinia.  In her own way, just as annoying as Elizabeth.  But in her case, we’re told of her “less than traditional” upbringing, so at least we can understand why she’s a little “off”.

Add in some paranormal events, some horrid insight into the “bad guy’s” thoughts, a ridiculous and inappropriate romance angle and a “big reveal” at the end that makes very little sense, and you have a book that’s best left on the shelf.

Like I said, I can’t comment on the rest of the series, but Wicked Ways gets a major thumb down from me.

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