Betrayal In Death by J.D. Robb


Pros: ended up being an exciting story

Cons: a bit slow to get started

Betrayal In Death is the 12th book in J.D. Robb’s In Death series.  Set in the 2050’s, this series follows Lieutenant Eve Dallas in the NY Police Department.  In each book, she’s dragged into a case – usually a homicide or two – and with the help of her co-workers, friends, and ever-present husband Roarke, solves the cases, and saves the day.

In this case, the first victim is a chambermaid in a swanky hotel.  It’s weird – who would possibly want to hurt a young lady who doesn’t seem to have any backstory that would attract a killer.  As for the hotel where she works… Who’s the owner?  Roarke, of course.  After all, he’s a gazillionaire who owns half the real estate in the world, it seems.

Victim number two is another employee of Roarke’s.  Ah, a connection, at last.  Still, why would someone be targeting Roarke’s employees?  Worse, could he be the actual target?

Eve has her hands full, solving the cases, trying to keep Roarke safe, and getting in the middle of a squabble or two amongst her co-workers.

I enjoy this series, for the most part.  Eve is fascinating character.  Smart, amazing at her job, and funny (in her own cranky way).  The cast of surrounding characters rounds out the balance of humor and compassion.  I enjoy keeping up with their shenanigans, as their stories unfold.  In this book, for instance, we get a bit of an update on Trina, a woman who figures prominently in some of the other books.

As for the various cases, some are certainly better than others.  I admit that the case in this book started out a bit slow.  It seemed to take forever to figure out the connection among the victims in order to get a clue about who the bad guy is, and how to capture him.

But once it got going… I’d say the final third of the book… things really kicked up a notch.  Suddenly the story got exciting, and I even enjoyed a twist or two (and trust me, I’m not easy to surprise!)

I also love the way the Robb makes sure that the titles of the books are not wasted.  I.e., in this case, “Betrayal”.  Betrayal is a theme that runs rampant throughout the story.  In more ways than one, and in a way that isn’t directly black or white, but leaves a trail of grays for readers to consider.

Overall, a terrific book in the In Death series.  Give Betrayal In Death a read.

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