Breckenridge Vanilla Porter

Pros: Not really bad as a social drink due to light ABV%

Cons: Nothing really stands out at all

This is a brew I tried out of pure curiosity and to say it did nothing for me at all would be a huge understatement. Brewed in Denver, Colorado, Breckenridge Brewery’s Vanilla Porter attempts to live up to its namesake even going so far to outright mention it’s made with real vanilla beans. Unfortunately, this porter simply comes up short and it’s nothing I would recommend to anyone outside of curiosity.

The beer pours into a dark body with an off white head that appears to be more beige. The carbonation is fairly soft, the head quickly disappears into a mild lace. While the beer looks nice it’s definitely prettier than it tastes. There’s a bit of a hoppy flavor, and even some chocolate along with roasted caramel that can be tasted; but it’s nothing truly memorable though. The sweetness is bland as hell and while there is some decent dryness in this porter, the after taste is pretty bitter and weak. Well rounded craft drinkers won’t be the least bit impressed I’m sure, and new craft drinkers would definitely wonder what the fuss is all about. The aroma really isn’t that inviting either with a faint smell of vanilla that did not rope me in at all.

I think some of the problem in this beer also lies into the near unnoticeable alcohol feel. This has nothing to do with it being at 4.7%; I think the alcohol was pretty weak in general, and simplly not as upfront as what I’m use to.  It’s no secret that stouts are my pride and joy, but even if this is compared to other low ABV drinks such as many of the Samuel Adams line of brews for example, it simply comes up way short because I don’t think it enhanced the taste enough.

In closing, this is definitely a beer I’m not bothering with again. The $11.99 price tag for this almost felt like high way robbery for me. To veteran craft drinkers I would recommend just about anything else besides this. To new craft drinkers looking for something with a taste that stands out but not too strong; Samuel Adams line of beers would be a great start: Cherry Wheat, Boston Lager, and even Irish Red. I would also recommend the hoppy, and rather strong Victory’s Hop Devil. Vanilla Porter is something that should be left alone. However, if this beer has any purpose at all; the ABV level makes it a change of pace from the Coor’s, Buds, etc. as a decent social drink.

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