Founders Imperial Stout

Pros: Very nice complex taste delivering an excellent mouth feel

Cons: None for me, but I can imagine a bit of sweetness bothering some people

My recent travels through the alcoholic world of Founders craft brews has led me to another stout. I decided to try out their tasty and very complex Imperial Stout which is simply making sweet love to my taste buds at this very moment. For me, this was a wise purchase.

The beer pours into a very dark body with a thick brown, khaki head that takes some time to disappear into a lace.  It has an inviting burnt coffee and caramel aroma; this beer is far and away from all show, as the taste is every bit as great as its aroma.  There’s a prominent feel of dried fruits providing a nice sweetness that doesn’t feel overdone. It feels like there’s a bit of licorice thrown in. It’s followed by plenty of dark chocolate, roasted malts, coffee, and toffee as well. It has a wonderful creamy and silky mouth feel. The traces of licorice is definitely felt during the after taste coupled with an alcohol bite.

This is a really damn good beer that feels perfect for these cold winter months. The 10.5% alcohol provides a nice overall warmth. This is definitely a beer I will drink again, but this four pack is quite pricey sitting at slightly above $14. In any case, this is definitely something I recommend stout lovers try out.

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