Sidney Sheldon’s The Tides of Memory

Pros: Incredibly fun ride

Cons: None for me!

Let’s discuss the author, first.  Don’t be fooled by the book’s title. Despite being called Sidney Sheldon’s The Tides of Memory, this is NOT a Sidney Sheldon book.  After all, it’s only a year old, and Mr. Sheldon died a few years back.  It’s not even one of his “lost manuscripts” brought to life and published posthumously.  Nope, Mr. Sheldon didn’t write this book – Tilly Bagshawe did.  Ms. Bagshawe pens novels in Sheldon’s very popular style.   Full of suspense, strong female characters, and major intrigue – these novels do, indeed, read like Sheldon novels.  Hence I’m likely to enjoy them, having been a fan of the original.

And The Tides of Memory does not disappoint, that’s for sure.  I admit it – I was hooked from the first page.  We are introduced to a present-day lady high up in England’s political structure, a lady well-respected as she makes huge decisions, leading her country.  With her family standing behind her, we can’t help but admire Alexia De Vere.

We also go back 40 years.  It’s Maine, in the 70’s, and a group of teenagers are having the time of their lives during summer camp. But one moment of carelessness leads to a tragedy.

The initial portion of the book goes back and forth between the two stories.  The reader knows that eventually the two stories will merge, but it remains a mystery exactly how.

And once it happens, once we understand how the two stories relate – that’s when the fun really begins.  Because what follows can only be described as a wild roller coaster ride.  Full of ups, downs, and everything in between.  Basically, Bagshawe gives us a soap opera condensed into 450 pages – you just wouldn’t believe the twists and turns this story takes.

It was a wild ride, and I loved every minute of it.  I was completely hooked, wanting to find out how it would all work out.  So many different paths the story could have taken, the fun was guessing whether Bagshawe would zig or zag.

Strong, likeable characters.  Tons of fun surprises, and a story that kept me hooked from beginning to end.  For those who enjoy high-energy, crazy twisty stories, I highly recommend Sidney Sheldon’s The Tides of Memory.  I’m a fan of Sidney Sheldon, and I have to say Ms. Bagshawe does a fine job honoring his memory.

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