Celtic Totem Animals: With Drumming CD


Find a Pet Rock, it would have as much life as this Box-set!

The Jack Move:

I hunted for a unique book on animals at a book store for about an hour before stumbling upon this box set in the New Age section. This box set claims to be able to connect you with animal spirits known as “Totem animals”, a shamanic tradition and belief system…

It advertises on the packaging the following contents: A 70-minute CD of Shamanic drumming, 20 cards with wood-cut depictions of Totem Animals and an illustrated book that guides you on your own shamanic journey. (Wow sounded pretty cool to me so I read on…) Play the Shamanic drumming and choose a card with the animal that appeals to you to help you with a problem or help you make a decision. Follow the simple instructions for guided visualization-and witness how these animals can guide and empower you.

All right… sounds like I may get in contact with the spirits of animals that I love. I looked at the price located under the text (what I just quoted) and saw US $24.95. I thought about this and decided that for a book, cards and a Celtic drumming CD I couldn’t go wrong. I pulled out my wallet and jerked out my hard earned money and gave into this classic “Bait and switch” (They must have seen me coming?)

The Book and Cards:

192 Pages filled with lifeless philosophy no photos except for what is shown on the cards and no detailed information on what the animals in Celtic tradition represent. Here are two examples of our most popular animals:

Cat: Cats appear several times in Celtic myth notably in the Voyage of Maelduin where the voyagers encounter an innocent-seeming kitten leaping to and fro on the tops of four pillars…
(It goes on for about a paragraph and then reveals its importance). The significance of the cat which we can derive from this is that it is strong in guardianship, and a good protector of one’s inner powers. It might be invoked when about to enter a confrontational situation, when its fierceness is deemed appropriate. (however,  don’t use it as an excuse to lose your temper!) (At this point I’m already starting to lose my patience!!!)

Dog: There are many famous dogs in Celtic tradition, as one would expect in a race so addicted to hunting.
(Well, I did hunt for a book like this.) Authur’s great hound Cafall left its footprint on a stone, called to this day Carn Cafall, which if moved in the evening is back in its original place next day. (This continues for about three more paragraphs and then reveals its importance). The dog was also associated with healing, since its saliva was said to have curative properties… …there was an established association between hunting and healing, making the Dog a good companion when in search of the latter. (At this point I’m starting to become annoyed!!!)Totem-Dog-216x300

The book has little to no educational value, explains very little of  how to meditate upon the animal that grabs your attention:  No explanation on how to use it to help solve your problems… It doesn’t help at all and in fact it gave me a huge headache reading a book half the size of a DVD case and with all of its horrid editing: It was lighthearted and simple… (That was the Problem it was written in a way that assumes you already know about Shaman Animal Totems.)

20 Animals are depicted on flimsy cardboard squares they are colorless and lifeless as the rest of this set… The animal totems are: Badger, Bear, Bee, Blackbird, Cat, Cow, Crane, Crow, Dog, Eagle, Eel, Hawk, Horse, Otter, Owl, Pig, Salmon, Stag, Swan, Wolf, and a graph of which animals correspond to different months of the year.. Need I continue? (Unfortunately I have to because of the dreadful CD!!!)

The CD and Final thoughts:

Banging your head consecutively into a brick wall would probably have the same effect;  produce the same sounds as this CD!!!

Track 1:  Single drumming for 20 minutes. (One drum and One sound for 20 Minutes!)

Track 2 : Double drumming for 20 minutes. (One drum and the same sound twice for 20 Minutes!)

Track 3: Single drumming for 30 minutes. (Same drum and Same sound for 30 Minutes!)

They didn’t bother with or need to include…
Track 4: Double drumming for 30 minutes. (That sound was already pounding inside my head for 70 Minutes!)

The basic idea’s are friendly and lighthearted but I didn’t really see the benefit from this box-set. I wish I would have passed on this product. (I can drum up more fun, exciting and inexpensive ways to meditate.)


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