Fons Porter Directional Arrow Pin Assortment

Fons & Porter Directional Arrow Pin Assortment

Pros: sharp pins, directional arrow flat arrow heads, reusable, come in a decorative tin

Cons: expensive compared to regular pins

If you sew or do projects that require you keep track of direction … then these Fons Porter Directional Arrow Pins are a handy tool. I used to pin pieces of paper to projects to remind me which was the top edge and to keep track of left and right sides. These pins solve the problem.


Fons Porter packages these pins in a decorative metal tin, which an exterior design featuring a quilt. There are four clear windows to view the four different types of pins. These pins come in a decorative metal tin. The exterior has a lovely quilt design printed on it and there are four clear windows that allow viewing into the interior compartments.

Blue Arrow Pointing Down … Marked with a white letter D
Red Arrow Pointing Upward … Marked with a white letter U
White Arrow Pointing Right … Marked with a black letter R
Yellow Arrow Point Left … Marked with a black letter L

There are 45 of each style of pin for a total of 180 pins. The pins are 2”-long nickel-plated steel pins that have flat heads. Actual pin length is about 1 3/4” with the flag comprising the remaining length of the pin.

My Experiences

I do a lot of sewing and quilting that requires I keep track of the top edge of fabric pieces. There are also fabric pieces that are either right or left oriented, and I can’t confuse them or the project is ruined. These Fons and Porter pins keep me organized and are so much neater than scribbling notes of pieces of paper.

The first thing I did five years ago was to remove the pins from the tin and place them in a dedicated pin cushion for easy grabbing. The flat arrow-shaped pin heads are distinctive, and the pins are well made.

When I iron, these pins are useful to mark which way to iron seam allowances. Some projects require the seam allowances be ironed in a specified direction. So I can sew a bunch of quilt pieces and use the pins to remind me which direction to press the seam allowances. This way I don’t have to interrupt my sewing to iron.

A note: These pins are not meant to pin heavy fabrics (ex: denim). The metal in these pins is thinner than some other pins I have used. The pin is well constructed, and the thin metal shaft is easy to insert into fabric – but it could bend if the material is too thick. I mostly use the pins in 100-percent cotton material. I work with other fabrics, too, but I do not use these pins in thick material that could bend the pins. I’m also careful not to let the heat of the iron near the plastic directional arrow heads, and make sure my sewing machine needle doesn’t encounter any pins while sewing.

I consider these a luxury item, and I’m glad to have them. It is so much easier to grab a pin with a directional arrow rather than reaching for a pencil to jot a note and then use a straight pin to attach the note to the fabric (and hope the paper note doesn’t rip or disappear!).


I like the Fons Porter Directional Arrow Pins so much that I have given them as gifts. The decorative tin makes a nice presentation, too. I really like them.

I hope you found this review useful.

Enjoy your day,

Copyright 2014 Dawn L. Stewart

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