Ott Flex and Store Desk Lamp

Pros: simulated natural light, adjustable arm, small storage pocket, long-lasting CFL bulb

Cons: base is not weighted

I have been using the Ott Flex and Store Desk Lamp for several years.  I enjoy the natural spectrum lighting, and have several Ott brand lights throughout the house.  This particular Ott light is designed to sit on a flat surface as a desk lamp.  Mine is located in my sewing room.

Product Description

I like the modern appearance of this desk lamp.  It is functional as well as offering small storage space.  The lamp shade is oval in shape and attached to a flexible arm.  The arm can be gently bent to angle the light.  That built-in storage pocket at the front of the lamp is about 2” deep.  The overall lamp size 11 1/4” high with a base diameter of 5 3/8”.  When the flexible arm is lifted upright, the lamp gains height and can stand as tall as 17 1/8”.  It weighs just over three pounds.

The package contains the lamp plus the tube-shaped bulb.  It takes a Type E Ott replacement bulb.  In case you are wondering, the 13-watt CFL bulb is the equivalent of a 60-watt incandescent light bulb.

About Natural Spectrum Lighting

This Ott CFL light has “508 Technology,” which mimics the effect of natural daylight.  This natural spectrum lighting lets the user see colors more clearly (as they would look in daylight), revealing more detail than traditional lighting allows. Ott lights are easier on the eyes, too, as well as being more energy efficient. Ott lights are heat and glare free.

My Experiences

When I required extra lighting in my sewing room, I immediately thought of buying another Ott light.  The overhead lighting I have was not close enough to the machine for immediate lighting.  This desk lamp is the perfect solution for me.

No assembly of the actual lamp is needed.  I just needed to insert the Light Tube (bulb) in place.  There is an oval push button at the base front to turn the light on and off once it is plugged in.

I really like this lamp.  It is small and light enough to easily move around the table, and the flexible arm adjusts the angle of light onto my work.  Note that the arm of this light is not meant for radical movement, and the instructions state to be careful when bending the arm.  For me, a gentle bend in the arm provides the perfect angle of light.

The lamp doesn’t offer much storage space in that 2” front pocket (2” deep x 2 1/2” across).  The space is large enough to hold a six-inch ruler, a few pens, pencils, craft markers, or a small pair of scissors.  I placed a piece of felt in the bottom of the pocket to keep the pens and pencils from marking the plastic … plus the extra padding helps protect the pocket bottom from the scissors blades.

If I had to change one thing on this lamp, it would be to add more weight to the base.  I appreciate that the lamp is easy to lift and move around the table surface.  However, the lamp is also easy to accidentally bump or nudge and have it move.  My cat has rearranged the lamp on the sewing table several times.  I make sure the lamp is placed in an area where the cat can’t tip it off the table.


The Ott Flex and Store Desk Lamp is ideal for my sewing area.  It offers spot lighting where I need it.  And I can move the lamp closer to my sewing area if needed.  The small pocket is an added bonus.

I hope you found this review useful.

Enjoy the day,

Copyright 2014 Dawn L. Stewart

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