Seamore the Seal, TY Beanie Baby


Pros: surface clean, plushy, very cute

Cons: none noted for collectors who enjoy Beanies

Seamore the Seal, TY Beanie Baby born December 1996 is a white, 7 inch, Retired Plush, Stuffed Animal Toy Style 4029.

 From the Ty Beanie Babies Collection this little cutey is complete with heart tag, is one of the Aquatic Water style TY Beanies.

Inside the tag reads: Seamore is a little white seal Fish and clams are her favorite meal Playing and laughing in the sand She’s the happiest seal in the land!

As a Certified product from Ty’s passionately popular Beanie Babies Collection Seamore is another of the highly collectible toys enjoyed by children and adults alike. As always before purchase check to be sure the familiar heart-shaped tag signifying you’ve purchased an authentic Ty product means this is a handmade item crafted to conform with the finest quality standards in the industry

 Crafted of a plushy polyester fabric, Seamore is a honey of a seal pup, with black nose, eyes, eyebrows and whiskers. One of the few of the Beanies I have having set in poly eyes and nose this wee seal pup will not be a toy for a small child, but as a member of my collection it is a dandy.

For the reason that Beanies are not filled with Styrofoam pellets, Beanies are poseable little critters. Ty® Beanie Babies®’ Seamore is one of a series of the decidedly distinguishable, iconic plush seal figures presented by the Ty Company.

Ty Inc., originated in 1993 when Ty Warner of Illinois fashioned his original small, animal shaped, fabric bag, packed it with wee white, pellets and sent it to the market place, has since become a major competitor in the toy race.

Seamore is a sassy, little girl with inquisitive eyes sweet expression and joyous demeanor.

I never know what to expect, but am frequently surprised and delighted when entering our local jumble shops. I find a fair share of Beanie’s hang tags in place, clean and unsullied available at minimal cost. Seamore seemed to be waiting just for me, she caught my eye immediately and appeared to smile as I placed her in my basket.

Plush is cushy, seams are nicely sewn, eyes are glossy, stable, poly, well attached and secure.

Subsequent to the 1993 beginning, Ty Inc has fashioned nearly 400 diverse Beanie Babies in variable sizes from the minute softies appearing as a McDonald’s happy meal toys, to Beanie Buddies as larger sizes of traditional Beanies measuring about 8 inches., Ballz, Bow Wow Beanies, and Ty Girlz all have their own fan bases.

If purchasing at yard sales, jumble shop, garage sales and the like; be sure to always check to assure that the Trademark Ty Beanie, heart shaped tag is in place to guarantee purchase is a genuine Ty product.

I have been a sporadic collector for many years, and to be very frank am glad that I held off until recently to become more collection minded, the Beanies I might have paid many dollars for a few years ago I am finding in mint to near mint condition at a dollar or little more and my collection is growing nicely.

Ty® Inc. is an PLUSH ANIMAL Toy Company based in Westmont, Illinois. The most celebrated line of products fashioned by this company are the BEANIE BABIES®, nonetheless, Ty also fabricates other lines of stuffed toys.

The Ty logo is a red heart with the lower-case letters “ty.” A tag in this shape is found affixed to all Ty stuffed toys, and inside each tag is the name of the particular toy in addition to a 4 line verse about it.

As a tribute to the American sprit; The chairman, CEO, sole owner and founder of Ty is Ty Warner, an unmarried, childless, benevolent magnate who first took a piece of cloth, shaped it like an animal, filled it with poly material pellets, launched one of the most fruitful of all businesses in the world.

My individual introduction to the world of Beanies® began in 1996 when long lines of adults could be seen lengthening across the cafe and out the door, and at times, down the sidewalk of local McDonald’s® eateries.

Teenie Beanie Babies® Smaller, entertaining versions of Beanie Babies were included in McDonald’s Happy Meals®. Numerous succeeding promotions took place with various wee Beanies available.

From the Baby Ty® sequence of tiny soft plush animals planned for toddlers to an always escalating assemblage of Beanie Babies featuring miscellaneous styles and alternatives of handheld plush animals jam-packed with cotton and poly bits, to Pillow Pals®, cushy, large sized replicas of some true Beanies along with interpretations of make-believe Beanie Babies to huge, extra-large and Oversize Beanie Buddies® jam-packed with filling and pellets to Ty Classics highlighting predictable plush critters crafted from variable types of textile and packed with traditional pellets and stuffing, to Pinkys®, animals fashioned on the main using pink and white fabric, to Pluffies® made of washable fabric engendered for small children, to Punkies®, stuffed animals featuring critters covered with long hair, to Ornaments® and Valenteenies®, Bow Wow Beanies®, Ballz, and Beanie Boppers®, and Teenie Beanie Boppers®, Alphabet Beanies® and Angeline®, Beanie Kids® Attic Treasures®, Ty Girlz®, Ty Gear®, offerings provided by Ty Inc. continues to increase.

A lesson imparted by Ty Warner, solitary owner of Ty Inc., the company behind Beanie Babies may be do what you enjoy, do it well, promote and diversify.

Currently Warner owns fashionable hotels from California to New York, promotes a number of

Benevolent events and continues to present Beanies for world wide consumption.

While I like some of my 5 -8 inch items, my personal favorites continue to be the Teenie Weenies I got back in the day at McDonald’s.

 Happy to recommend Seamore the Seal, TY Beanie Baby

 –I find this product online from various sites as well as on shelves in a number of walk in shops.  Price varies by when and when purchase is made.

 Ty Inc   280 Chestnut Ave  Westmont, IL, 60559 United States

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