Shur Tech® Brand, Duck Tape® Rainbow, Printed Duct Tape


Pros: Kid Pleasing, good adhesive, ID possessions in the classroom

Cons: So many patterns, So little time!


Measuring 1.88 inches x 10 yards Shur Tech® Brand, Duck Tape® Rainbow, Printed Duct Tape is a cheery addition to the various tapes brought in for usage in Osage County First Grade. Each term I add duct tape to my class supply lis: I do not specify color, or pattern, and the like, rather I request a roll of masking tape and one of duct tape. Duct tape is used in our classroom for identifying student journals, notebooks, binder’s, folders, and the like as well as for repair of these items, or whatever needs repair.

I never know what I will find in student packs as we unload the various supplies. Duct tape is brought in in fun patterns and plain, as well as outlandish, daring and just plain amusing. Some parents send a single roll while others send more. At times I receive narrow tape, and at others the tape is wide. All is usable in our classroom.

One of the really enjoyable prints this year has been a roll of multi tint wavying line rainbow. This fun tape features varying shades including yellow melding into green, then blue, flowing into purple and then red, into orange and back to yellow. I like that the colors flow from one to the other, with red and yellow becoming orange, as we find does take place when Mrs M marks a reading sentence first with yellow and on second reading with pink. And that red and blue meet to form purple while yellow and blue do become green. This beginning understanding of color and how it changes and swirls is important stuff for the six year old set.

Each year several parents will send multiple rolls of tape, some duct and some masking in varying widths along with their child. At one time or another staff members or fellow teachers will come and ask to use some of the tape. It is nice that we always have an ample supply for ourselves and plenty to share as need arises.

I like Shur Tech Brand the tape is well made, adhesive holds well making the tape dandy as a foremost fix-all, in the classroom and elsewhere too. More than once one of the older students will come to get some tape to repair a torn flip flop or to cover a hole in the thigh of levis… against our school dress code.

The vari color or fancy print DuckTape® are accessible in a diversity of shades and decorative designs presented as team or sport, colors, college logos, prints including flames, pickles, paint spatters and mustaches, and more as well as tapes in varying widths and lengths and tape sheets. Ducklings are smaller rolls, handy for mending and tape sheets are dandy for creating imaginative projects.

I like that Duck tape is easy to use, can be cut or torn easily, bonds wells, will not twist or become unusable as often takes place with some of the tape we use. Even a longish length tends to remain straight, not twisted into a knot as we prepare to repair a book, bind up a journal or complete other mending work.

Manufactured having full-bodied presentation power and bonding features these tapes adapt readily to whatever surface or shape we apply the tape.

While Osage County First Grade enjoys pattern and color synchronization; the personal choice tape applied to various possession works nicely to prompt the owner of the notebook, binder or whatever we see left behind on the floor proves gently handy and entertaining too for swiftly ascertaining who has forgotten to put his/her journal on their desktop, or whose binder is not on the rack.

I like that this Made in the USA merchandise rips without struggle even by my arthritic hand to whatever length needed for use. I do keep scissors close by just in case, but rarely need to reach for them.

I like these fun tapes offered in handsome colors and many prints. These entertaining, ornamental sticky tapes deliver an exceptional reserve suitable for personalizing home, crafting and classroom supplies including binders and journals. Each year Osage County First Grade has enjoyed choosing a tape for identifying his/her binder, cubby, desk, homework can, journal, can and the like. Some Little Learners preferred using their own tape as their personal ID tape while others chose the left over tape brought by a previous term classmate. Some students bring more than one fancy tape, so we have had an ongoing good selection for each child to contemplate.

I particularly like that these tapes are presented in a broad multiplicity of colors and styles having abundant charm for boys and girls and all ages. So many items are designed to appeal to children or adults, girls or boys, and something for everyone.

Roll sizes include 1.88 inch width X 10, 15 and 20 yard lengths. Mini rolls measure .75 inch wide x 15 feet and 180 inches and 8.25 by 10 inch sheets.

Happy to recommend Shur Tech® Brand, Duck Tape® Rainbow, Printed Duct Tape.


ShurTech Brands   32150 Just Imagine Dr.    Avon, OH 44011

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