Punchline™  Ribbon Stitch handheld punch Hole Punch

Pros: Osage County First Grade approved

Cons: none noted

Advantus, McGill Punchline™ Ribbon Stitch handheld punch Hole Punch places parallel slots paper crafters, scrap book enthusiasts and others use for attaching embellishments to cards, tags, scrapbook pages and the like.

I am not a scrap book enthusiast.

Osage County First Grade, site where our Ribbon Stitch handheld punch is used, is learning the number on THIS side of the equal must be the same as the number on the other side of the equal.

 Daily Math activity of any kind can be met with groans, sighs and wails that Math is hard by students of all ages.

Our hand held hole punch creates a fun equal sign on the page for Little Learners to use during the learning process.

I like the 2 inch throat reach allowing for easy placement of the punch and slots along each side of the paper cut to size for use. A row of slots along sides allows classroom drill, wherein Little Learners and Mrs M each write a numeral to the left of the slot, decide our equation, write it, numeral, +, numeral, to the right, turn our papers so that the new, unused slots are again at the left.

Slotted paper used now and then helps keep enthusiasm and interest high for Little Mathematicians as we accomplish our required Math activities.

Handy for usage at home, in the classroom and office this imported punch comes complete with ideas for use included with packaging. I like that the high capacity chad hold receptacle holds a great many punch outs before need to empty is required.

Advertising claims that the punch can easily be used on leather, cardboard, plastics, papers and more. In the classroom I have used the punch on lightweight papers our school received as donated papers from Phillips Oil. We received many packages of lightweight, white and vari hued papers in a diversity of sizes from legal to larger as Phillips changed office papers from these to something else.

Math work accomplished using slotted equal signs punched along the side of lavender, yellow, pink and green toned papers are more fun than only paper and pencil accomplished on blue, white or orange.

I have punched slots when using card stock papers as Osage County First Grade works on special cards for holiday, however I cannot vouch for use of the punch on heavier papers or other materials.

Slots measure about 1/16 X ¼ inch per slot, punch reach is 2 inches allowing hole placement away from edge of card or page. Ribbon measuring ¼ inch and less can be threaded through the slots for cards, and embellishment purpose.

As a manufacturer of button and hand held punches McGill Corporation offers a nice line of varying shaped, child pleasing, hole designs including stars, valentines, slots, round, valentines and others. Many provide 15 sheet capacity, and sizes vary by shape. Largest is about ½ inch while others are smaller. Shape of hole produced is shown non both sides of handle for easy identification of the particular punch to use.

I like the soft, cushioned, poly grip handles providing ergonomic and ease during repetitive punching when preparing the equal work pages. As arthritis continues and my hands are becoming more arthritic i.e. lumpy, bumpy in appearance and grip is lessened along with having some pain now and then today that I did not experience previously, the cushy grips make the work easier and less uncomfortable.

The Ergonomic Design of the washable cushioned comfort grips means I can use our various punches more often to reward Little Learner work with a star anytime or valentine during February. Easier for my small, arthritic hands to operate; I find these handy punches to be sturdy and long wearing. Using a succession of quick to fall apart punches led to my locating McGill punches.

The star is put into frequent use as our Senior Student aide, Americore aide or Student Teacher listens to Little

Readers reading aloud, and then applies a star to individual Reading Incentive Charts. Working toward the yearly

goal of reading a minimum of 25 books each in order to receive a lovely reading certificate from our State Superintendent of Education is something Osage County First Grade prizes each year. Watching those incentive charts fill with holes to indicate progress is exciting for Little Learners.

Hand held punches have been around for over a century. A speedy, simple method for showing a passenger ticket was voided during the late 1800s, during a time when train travel in the country was widespread, led to a patent for a hole punch, labeled as conductor’s punch by inventor, Benjamin Smith, Massachusetts. Design of that early punch much resembles the hand held single hole punch commonly used today.

The 1885 patent was followed by another filed by Charles Brooks of New Jersey in 1893. Again, the Brooks patent, also designed for use by the train industry, reveals a punch very similar in appearance to one hole punch design in common usage today. Seemingly the design lives up to the old adage – if it ain’t broke; don’t fix it. –

As do today’s one hole punches both of the earliest patents featured spring action handles and a receptacle for holding chads as they were punched.

The hole punch, designated at times as a paper punch, hole puncher, holing pincer, and even as a perforator, as my London born nanny called the device several years back when she was caring for Son # 2 is a handy, useful device used to generate holes in sheets of paper. In the office the holes are often used for placing documents in binders with the addition of two prong paper fasteners.

Every student eventually seems to come to the classroom with at least one colorful paper folder equipped with prong type fasteners requiring use of hole punch in order to more easily secure papers in the folder.

McGill Corporation provides a durable Round Hole Punchline Hole Punch available in 1.25 inch reach length, I find the 2 inch throat which places the hole 2 inches from the edge of the paper to be a good size for my use as an award device; I can move the device closer to the edge if desired.

The innocuous, easy to use chad receptacle keeps miniscule bits of paper off the floor, the poly covering is easy for my arthritic fingers to open for chad removal.

Happy to recommend Punchline™ Ribbon Stitch handheld punch Hole Punch.

 The Bottom Line:   Our ribbon slot  Punchline Hole Punch is used when we want to add some enthusiasm to our daily math 


Product Details

For more product details, facts, and shipping information please check AMAZON and other online sites or your local Staples, and/or mercantile outlets.


Internet search including the McGill Incorporation site reveals: innovative thinking have led to progression of paper punches for office, school, classroom, craft, and gift markets for well over a century.

McGill Inc offers an all-encompassing line of single and/or discrete hole, hand-held paper punches functioning for a diversity of crafting, office and school needs, including a line ranging more than 200 crafting devices embossing tools, paper drills, punch shapes, and 1, 2 and 3 hole punches, as well as institution and loyalty punch programs and one of its kind industrial products.

A local Mexican food café where we often stop for a bite to eat punch is a little chili pepper while a local sandwich shop famous for their sweet tea punch is a tea glass. The nearby bread and cooky shop punch is a coffee cup.   While none of these are seen on the McGill website, they assure that fancy shapes are used and often by industry as well as in the classroom.

McGill Corporation begun with a plain hand-held ticket punch along with coin changers designed to serve the needs of the railroad industry and has continued to grow, expand and change for more than a century as McGill has provides ground-breaking office products and paper punching tools designed to further enhancement of business tasks.

Mcgill’s Custom Punchline™ series is used today by businesses of many types to generate customer loyalty and forward sales promotion programs. Browsing the McGill web site for office, craft, and other products indicates corporate determination to offer best value, purpose and accessibility to meet a wide range of fine paper punch tools, office and industrial solutions, reward and recognition gift needs.

McGill is one of the growing group providing goods under the umbrella of Advantus Corporation, a miscellaneous consumer products corporation, headquartered in Jacksonville Florida and in business since 1913.

Today Advantus creates over 4,500 products in corporate manufacturing facilities in Jacksonville, Florida, Mequon, Wisconsin and Asia.


McGill Inc.

131 East Prairie Street

Marengo, Illinois 60152


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