BELLBROOK Executive Big & Tall Chair

Belbrook Computer Chair

Pros: Very comfortable for long stints at the computer.

Cons: Expensive and a pain to put together!

Is your computer chair annoyingly uncomfortable? Do you suffer numb-butt and back ache after a stint in front of the screen? Well if so, then this chair might just be the most comfortable computer chair you’ve ever parked your rear-end into.  And I’ve owned a few!

I will tell you up front; this is NOT available on Amazon. You can only get this from Home Depot. The name of it is the Bellbrook Executive Big & Tall Chair. At $300 it certainly ‘aint cheap, but if comfort is a priority then it might be worth the price. It’s made from memory foam and microfiber, overlaid in fabric and only comes in a light black color.

We had it home delivered free of cost and the delivery window is 1-3 business days. Of course, you could also buy one direct from their store and pick it up; although you might have to call ahead and make sure they have them in stock. If not they can probably order it in for you.

Just a hint – order it online at Office Depot and you will get a $30 coupon which lowers the price a bit. Just go to Google and type in “Office Depot Coupons” which gives you a coupon code that you enter in the Office Depot website checkout. Hey, you save thirty bucks!

Belbrook Chair 1
The box is big enough to block a wide doorway!

ASSEMBLY: Compared to other computer chairs I’ve owned, this is an absolute beast to assemble. For starters, the box weighs a metric ton! (Or close to it). The pieces are heavy, the chair back and the castor base are the heaviest by far. It comes with instructions and a big red sticker that contains American Chiropractic Association bragging rights. It also comes with a nifty cardboard/plastic tool kit which you can see in the picture, complete with Allen wrench. All tool parts are clearly marked, so you don’t get the four screw sizes mixed up.

Chair Instructions 9
Everything that comes with the chair.
Chair Instructions 11
Argh, what a mess! Straight out of the box.
Chair Instructions 6
Put it on the box like this to make it easier to assemble.

It recommends you assemble the seat parts on top of the empty cardboard box that it came in (pictured above). This actually does make it a little easier. The worst part to assemble is the seat to the long chair backing (pictured below). This is an absolute bear to line up and put together! I did it by myself but I struggled. Those with arthritis won’t be able to do this without help. Ok, so I have arthritis and did it by myself but I am a glutton for punishment!

Chair Instructions 5
Forget doing it this way, it’s too hard! Use a drill with an Allen wrench bit if you can get your hands on one. This is the worst piece to put together!

The long screws in the chair seat just won’t line up properly and an electric drill with an Allen wrench bit is the only way to go here, otherwise it just won’t screw in (pictured below). Even with that, I couldn’t screw two of the bolts in all the way; they just didn’t want to go in any further, but it still held together very tightly in the end. I think because of this, one of the chair arms didn’t quite align properly, but that was a minor oversight.

Chair Instructions 4
*Note the Allen wrench bit? This will make life a LOT easier!

Once those difficult pieces are assembled, the chair is now ridiculously heavy and care must be taken so you don’t throw your back out setting it in the castor base. Like I said, two people are recommended!

Once assembled, it has two basic adjustments; up/down and leaning back. There is a loose lever to the right that controls this and is quite accessible and easy to find. Flip the lever up to raise/lower the chair and pull it out to lean back in it. Push it in to lock it. I prefer not to lock it and like to lean back a little in mine. You can lean back quite far in it too.

I keep it at the lowest height setting, all the way down as far as it can go. Lowest setting is 20 inches off the ground. The highest setting is 23½ inches high. I am five-feet-ten and my feet touch flat on the floor comfortably enough while barefoot, but people a few inches shorter may have trouble grounding their feet. A foot rest will fix that little issue though. At maximum height my feet dangle like a toddler at the kitchen table!

The seat is incredibly well-padded with microfiber and memory foam and is comparable to some sofas. My butt sinks into it and the backrest is slightly curved inwards to match the contours of my spine. I use a back cushion anyway so my back hardly ever touches the backrest. When I lean back in it my head rests very comfortably near the top of the backrest. Needless to say, it’s easy to nod off! I wouldn’t recommend it because when I do I wake up with a neck ache. There is a big sewed-in cushion on the backrest, but it just won’t support your neck. Then again, it’s not supposed to be a reclining armchair! Such a pity because, ooooohhhh. My head and neck feel so comfortable resting against it! A taller person than I might find better neck support at the top of the backrest.

The seat kind of reminds me of a rocket ship, in the sense that the seat leans back a little due to the raised cushion stitched into the fabric. I tend to lean backward a little in it; this is quite normal. The seat just won’t sit exactly horizontal as it’s just not designed that way. The inner seat cushion presses into my calves a bit while sitting and for long periods it can get a little uncomfortable as circulation has trouble flowing. I just cross my legs over to alleviate this discomfort. Don’t get me wrong, this chair is a dream to sit in, but you might feel a little pressure in your hamstrings from time to time. A footrest would solve that little issue too.

The casters roll freely across tile or thin carpet and if chair-spinning are your thing, you will love the weightless sensation it gives you as you spin around freely with perfect smoothness! Ok I’ve probably done this more often than I should!

Armrests are fairly high, but that’s where I like them. They are extremely well-padded on top, and fit the contours of my arms nicely. One thing I found was that after awhile the arms would work loose just a little and the bolts would need tightening (pictured below). At the moment there is just the slightest amount of play in mine and they will have to be tightened again before too long. I had that problem with my other chairs too, so it’s not just an issue with this brand.

Chair Instructions 2
This Allen screw will come a little loose in the armrest over time and will need to be tightened.

Next is the weight limit. It says it can hold 400 lbs., yet one reviewer at a sprightly 350 lbs. said this chair was useless to him, as it was too tight to sit in. Yes it held his weight, but the manufacturers don’t consider butt-width when creating these things! You have a comfortable 22 inches of play before ever being in danger of wedging yourself in there…

So, is it worth the price, time and blood, sweat and tears? That’s up to you! I’ve only provided my personal experiences with it. We have three of these Bellbrook Executive Big & Tall Chairs in the family, and I have made two of them. The third one was put together by my wife’s’ daughter who mentioned how ridiculously hard it was to assemble. Oh they’re easy assembly steps to follow, but fitting the seat to the backrest was nigh on impossible. Bring a cordless drill to make it easier!

$299.99 or $269.99 with the coupon is still expensive in my opinion, and if I had my way I wouldn’t have bought them (my wife did!) I’ve owned mine for about a year and it hasn’t had any wear and tear or any major spills on it. Hey, it’s sofa fabric – it can be cleaned. The fabric is supposed to be of a low-allergy design too. My chair has held together well, the only thing being the loosening of the armrests from time to time.

Chair Instructions 3
Tah-dah, the finished product ready for butt-parking!

I love the fact that it keeps my butt well-padded, for all my other chairs gave me numb-butt after not too long. This chair’s memory foam does the job nicely and keeps Gluteus maximus nice and comfy. Just around the hamstring region is where it will fail you and you’ll feel pressure like I mentioned earlier, but that’s not too bad if you ask me. The Office Depot reviews give it 4/5 stars and I’ll tend to agree. It loses a star for price and assembly difficulty but four stars all the way for comfort alone! Recommended.

Here are some useless/useful stats from the Office Depot website:

1. It’s recommended for heavy use of 6-8 hours a day

2. Overall dimensions: 49″H x 29″W x 30″D

3. 400lb weight limit

4. One-touch adjustable seat height accommodates multiple users.

5. Armrests that support your shoulders and upper body

6. Waterfall seat cushion slopes slightly downward to help reduce stress on your legs.

7. Meets and/or exceeds applicable ANSI/BIFMA performance standards.

8. Requires a hell of a lot of patience to assemble it right!

9. GREENGUARD certified for healthier indoor air quality.  Manufactured with reduced harsh chemicals and with processes that are ‘low VOC’ (low in volatile organic compounds).

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