Rothco Nordic Gear Lectra Sox

Pros: Definitely keep your feet warm

Cons: Remembering fresh batteries

My Norwegian grandfather would probably laugh me out of hunting camp – ‘ Oh ufda! ‘lectric socks?  Ha-ha-ha!’ Well, Oregon winters may not get near as cold as Norway, but I’m not wearing caribou or sealblubber-lined boots either!

Consider: It’s 5:30 A.M., dark still, quiet and cold. I’d love to walk into the house and crawl back in bed – except home is one-hundred-fifty miles away – and hunting camp is anywhere between five and ten miles back down the road. I’m here to tell you, from years of experience: as the sun rises, the temperature plummets. Doesn’t that sound weird? I can’t explain it -but it’s true. Besides, I may grumble and shiver, but I’m exactly where I want to be, doing exactly what I want – hunting.

There’s no point getting into the highly charged argument of hunting vs. anti-hunting, except to say: I’ve killed deer in the field – I’ve also been in a cattle/horse slaughter-house. If I were either species, I’d rather drop dead in the field in 2 seconds, than be imprisoned in a stress-filled corral for several days.  Wouldn’t you?

Anyway, it’s cold, dark and you’re on your post. The slightest movement can be your worst enemy.  Did you know you can train your eyes to see nothing but movement? It’s true.  Animals are experts at that.  There are times I’ve made the slightest movement in the field, and my intended target zeroed in on me like a laser, subsequently bolting. So prancing around like a ballerina trying to get my feet warm, would be pretty counter-productive.  That’s why I love, and count on, Rothco Lectra Sox to keep my feet warm, no matter how cold the rest of me may get.

Rothco Lectra Sox were originally developed for fishermen aboard commercial fishing ships in the frigid North Atlantic. If you watch any of the reality programs offered on the History Channel it’s easy to see how these people can become absolutely drenched and chilled to the bone inminutes.  Rothco’s Lectra Sox extremely low amperage ” eliminates all possibility of shock or burns, even when wet”.


Mt. Hood , Oregon
Rothco Lectra Sox are perfect for all sorts of outdoor activity:
  • Hunting
  • Hiking
  • Cold-weather/water fishing
  • Wood cutting
  • Winter-time play days – like Christmas tree cutting
  • Spectator sports
  • Seniors, and others, who have chronic cold feet

Rothco Lectra Sox are made of 36% virgin wool, 33% Winter Acrylic, 22% Polyester, and 9% nylon. Those fibers, combined with the benefit of battery-producing heat, can make all the difference between comfort and having a good time, and going home early.

Other benefits?

  • Padded, reinforced heel and toe
  • Extra-wide reinforced cuff for added comfort
  • Snap-on battery control using a D-size battery ( not included).
  •  Provides six to seven hours of warmth
  • Battery fits in a pouch so you don’t need to have it strapped to your leg continuously.
  • Wires do not heat – just the fabric
  • Feet become warm, not hot
  • Come in two sizes – medium and large

A minor complaint that may be just my experience: The socks can get a little heavy.  Depending on your seasons and weather, Fall can either be balmy and a welcome respite from a long, hot summer, or, it can be the onset of early snow and cold weather.  In my neck of the woods, Fall usually brings cool, crisp mornings, but often warming into the 70’s in the afternoon – way too warm for wool socks. It would be a pain in the patoot to change socks midday, so by the end of day, my feet are pretty warm – naturally.

Because of their construction, these socks need a little TLC when laundering. They should be hand-washed, using a mild detergent. DO NOT WRING  or use a commercial dryer – hang to dry.

Available at Sears in the $30.00 range.

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