LEGO DC Super Heroes: Superman: Metropolis Battle

Pros: New Superman outfit with General Zod

Cons: Smaller set that at first doesn’t seem like much

It’s easy for LEGO to put out many sets featuring Batman. After all he does have all those wonderful toys and fascinating villains. But that doesn’t mean Superman is overlooked. It’s just a matter of finding the right time of shining the spotlight on him. This occurred when Man of Steel hit the theatres. New movie means new sets for the LEGO DC Super Heroes line and what better way to do that than by exploring the Superman: Metropolis Battle.

In a set called Metropolis Battle, it is understandable that the two main players included are none other than Superman and General Zod.

Superman is outfitted in his movie version costume. The blue is much darker than from his previous release giving him a much more regal look. This is punctuated with the silver markings on the sides of his hips just below his yellow belt. He doesn’t wear his red underwear over his clothes. Personally I didn’t mind it at all since it helped break up the costume and add a bit of necessary colour. But his red cape and “S” shield remain intact to help with the familiarity of the suit.

General Zod is given a completely black outfit with silver detailing. It love the stark contrast between the two especially how Zod looks much older and seasoned than the young Man of Steel. The chin hair definitely adds that sinister look to his already mean demeanour. His outfit is practically the same as Superman’s with the exception of the colour and his insignia. Apparently, this is the fashion on Krypton. Both characters have double-sided heads showcasing a pensive face and one full of rage.
Superman Metropolis Battle2
Since this is a smaller sized set, I didn’t give too much thought about the other parts thinking it was basically throwaway pieces. But the yellow car that is included is actually quite impressive. Most of the LEGO pieces are used to create the vehicle while the rest constructs an antenna tower. The fun part is that when the car is placed near the tower, it flips over as the tower collapses. But if you really want destruction, just don’t assemble the pieces at all. It will look like everything got destroyed in the fight.

This isn’t badly priced at $12.99. It’s not quite a smaller set but one that is a notch up. The Metropolis Battle is better constructed than I imagined. It’s also a great way to get a General Zod minifigure without having to spend a fortune on larger sets.

Number of pieces: 119
Set #: 76002


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