Hoover 2X FloorMate Multi-Floor Detergent

Pros: liquid cleaner is easy to poor and use, nice clean fresh scent, works great

Cons: cleans but does not refinish floors

The Hoover FloorMate cleaning machine came with some Hoover 2X FloorMate Multi-Floor Detergent.  I’m glad it did, else I might not have used it … and this product works.


The bottle contains 32- or 64-ounces of cleaning solution.  This detergent is specifically designed to clean wood, vinyl, laminate, acrylic, granite, tile and marble flooring.  Package states this is an excellent cleaner for high traffic areas.  The manufacturer states it is not recommended for fabric or carpets.  This product is also designed for use in the Hoover FloorMate Hard Floor cleaning machine, which is how I use it.  It is 100-percent biodegradable and non-toxic per the manufacturer.

Our Experiences

First, let me say that I love the Hoover FloorMate machine.  It has dual tanks; one holds clean water and a small amount of this detergent, and the other tank collects the dirty water.  The machine is easy to use.  The long cord allows access throughout a room.  The water tank also provides enough liquid to allow the cleaning of two medium-size rooms.

I have used this Hoover 2X FloorMate Multi-Floor Detergent on hardwood floors and vinyl flooring.  My brother has also used this cleaner on his hardwood and tile floors.  Both of us have nothing but great things to say about this liquid cleaner.

The Hoover FloorMate water tank has a cap that also acts as a measuring cup.  Fill the cup with the Hoover 2X detergent and dump it into the clean water tank.  I also give the tank a shake to help the detergent mix through the water.

Before using the FloorMate, I vacuum the flooring to lift any loose dirt.  The Hoover machine is lightweight and easy to operate.  The detergent does an excellent job at cleaning.  The first bedroom hardwood floor the machine cleaned really needed deep cleaning.  The detergent did an excellent job at lifting dirt from the flooring.  The detergent also scrubbed clean several stubborn spots on the kitchen vinyl floor that regular cleaning could not easily remove.  I could see the difference between the unwashed and washed areas on the floor.

I like the scent of this cleaning solution, too.  It does not smell like perfume.  It does not smell like chemicals.  It has a light, pleasant clean fragrance.  The scent makes me feel as though the house has been refreshed.

Note that while this is a great floor detergent … it is not designed to make floors look like new.  My hardwood floors are over forty years old, and this detergent made them look great.  I can see and even feel the difference now that the floors are clean.  However, the detergent did not repair scuffing damage, or old scrapes from when someone dragged something heavy across the wood.  The floors are clean but have not been refinished.


I like the Hoover 2X FloorMate Multi-Floor Detergent so much that I would definitely buy it again to use in the Hoover FloorMate cleaning machine.  Not only does the detergent work great, but the fresh smell is a welcome scent.

I hope you found this review useful.

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Copyright 2014 Dawn L. Stewart

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