Tifosi Women’s Lust Wrap Sunglasses

Pros: Super stylish – super fit ( which is, of course, completely subjective when it comes to something as individual as eyewear).

Cons: One-size doesn’t always fit all

Webster Handy College Dictionary – definition of  a “slut”: “1, a slovenly woman. 2, a promiscuous woman. 3, a female dog. ”  I gave myself the safety net that if I DID NOT find the inclusion of that disrespectful term in a respectable dictionary, I would not use it in my review – but there it was/is.

Well, I guess I passed the ‘slut’ test, being none of the above. So why for the last three decades have I referred to myself as ‘a sunglass slut’?  Because ( laughingly), I have no morals or boundaries when it comes to sunglasses. I’ve had abased and abounding affairs with sunglasses since I was a teenager. I think right now I have somewhere in the neighborhood of fifty pair. There’s a large bowl of them on the deck (for those lake-watching visitors who forget theirs), a basketful in the truck, and others scattered willy-nilly about the place.

Insofar as style – again, I have no standards. They can be large Jackie O type,  small Yoko Ono style, square, round, oval with brown, black, green, blue lenses. The stems can be decorated with either color, or metallic name plate, or no decoration at all. Why, just last week I saw a pair of sunglasses someone had dropped on the highway. I turned around, retrieved them – and have worn them every day since.  So, have I titled myself a “sunglass slut” accurately, or what? Further, if there is any shame involved, I don’t feel it.

So, why would a person who’ll happily wear Dollar Store sunglasses, spend $40.00 (and up) for a pair of sunglasses? Because all the other glasses I wear are to satisfy mypossessive penchant  for sunglasses, Tifosi Sunglasses, on the other hand, are the real thing. When it comes to driving, hiking, spectator events, anytime I’m out in the sun for extended periods of time, I wear my Tifosi’s.

Originating in Georgia in 2003, Tifosi Optics were originally created for the more active, sports-minded groups – golfers, tennis players, cyclists, with three qualifiers in mind: Quality of optics; fit/comfort, and durability.




Specifically, what makes Tifosi Sunglasses superior to just about any other on the medium-priced market sunglass market?

  •  Grilamid TR-90  nylon frames with a memory-feature that allows the frames to return to the ‘usual-wearers’ size and shape
  • Polycarbonite, shatterproof, *gradient lens
  • Non-Polarized
  • 100% UV optical clarity and sun protection
  • Hydrophilic nose and temple pads that increase grip with perspiration
  • Many selections with wide stems for side-view protection & distraction
  • Very lightweight
  • Come in many different styles, colors & features
  • Protective bag and case come with each pair

* “Gradient lenses have a refraction that changes throughout the length of the lens. It usually goes from less powerful to more powerful, flowing along the length of the lens”  Thank you, eHow.

The glasses above are the style I wear, primarily for the broad stems, but check out their website to see a wide array of different styles. They run $40.00 and up  – which for a pair of non-prescription sunglasses are just a little higher than your standard big box store, but not, in my opinion, unreasonably priced.

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