Daddy’s Gone A Hunting by Mary Higgins Clark


Pros: Three stories, all of which held my interest

Cons: None that I saw

In my past reviews I have referred to Mary Higgins Clark’s books as “thriller lite”.  They’re usually fairly simple stories, nothing too edgy or dark, certainly nothing that keeps you up at night.  But Daddy’s Gone A Hunting breaks that mold a bit, and I, for one, am thrilled!

This book qualifies as a true thriller, in my opinion, with all that genre entails.  Crimes, mysteries, likeable protagonists in danger, and evil antagonists that are fun to hate.  Yup, this book has it all!

There are multiple storylines in this book.  The main story revolves around a family-owned antique furniture business that explodes to smithereens in the middle of the night.  It’s quickly determined that the explosion was set on purpose.  So of course, we need to know who, and why.  But even more so – why were two people meeting there, in the middle of the night?  One, an ex-employee now dead; the other, the owner’s daughter, now in a coma.

The other two stories revolve around missing women.  One from a couple years ago – her body has been found, but the murder never solved. The other one disappeared twenty years ago.  No one knows if she’s dead or alive; the family has suffered with the lack of answers for two decades.

There you go – three different stories – all of which will intersect.  The fun in this type of book is figuring out exactly how the stories will connect, and, of course, solving all of the mysteries.  And boy, what a story it ends up being!

Daddy’s Gone A Hunting definitely held my interest – from page one until the very last sentence.  After all, it has a little of everything.  The characters, though numerous across all three stories, were very well drawn.  We definitely felt we got to “know” them.  The good ones were likeable.  The bad ones were easy to hate, yet we’re shown multiple sides to them, giving us some very complex people.  There’s a small bit of romance in this book, but strictly G-rated, which is a pleasure, compared to many other thrillers that feel the need to “go there”.

Finally, there are surprises and twists along the way that add to the fun. And even though I guessed one of the major twists a bit early, I think it was cleverly written.  It’s just that after reading – oh – about 2000 thrillers over years – you start to pick up on possibilities early on… Definitely not the author’s fault.

Overall, give Daddy’s Gone A Hunting a try if you like thrillers.  It’s not your typical Mary Higgins Clark “lite” fare, and for that I’m grateful.


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