Pros: Stays sharp, comfortable, operates easily

Cons: None

Perhaps I should mention that in junior high school, my very first sewing project earned me a nice, fat, reassuring “D” – and it wasn’t for ‘divine’.  Looking back I can see where a well-trained chimpanzee could have sewn that simple ‘hankie-hem’ blouse together. Well, good for her – or him.  I don’t remember telling anybody I wanted to be a seamstress anyway, and since my parents always made sure I was clothed before I left the house, why did I need to know how to sew my own?  I only mention this so the reader will not expect a review full of Parisian fashion-runway extravaganzas. No, I use my Singer Scissors for scads of things, but cutting cloth by the bolt isn’t one of them.

In all honesty I don’t remember where I got my Singer Scissors. Perhaps that’s because I’ve had them so long – at least three decades – maybe four.

I can’t even begin to list all the different tasks I find for my Singer Scissors, but a good start would be:

  • Paper – I refuse to throw typing or tablet paper away that’s only been written on one side, so I cut them in half and use them as scratch paper for notes and shopping lists.
  • Cloth – (not to be confused with the aforementioned act of ‘sewing’ , but if I’m hemming something simple, thread cutting, or removing those annoying plastic price tags from clothes, etc., they’re perfect.
  • Shelf-liner – there’s no way to custom-fit rubberized shelf liner by tearing it – scissors are a must.
  • Kitchen use – for opening those pesky boxes and other containers (like cookie, pretzels and chip bags) that refuse to “open along dotted line” without the handy help of a pair of sharp scissors. And scissors are a must to breakdown some containers for recycling.  Or, how about tape? Some tapes you can tear off the roll, like masking, painters, or duct tape, others like electricians tape don’t tear – they just stretch – Singer scissors to the rescue!
  • Gift-wrapping – While not my forte, I can’t even imagine a gift wrapped by self without scissors. I think they should package gift-wrapping paper like aluminum foil or parchment paper, with a serrated cutting edge.  I mean, is there some wrapping etiquette that says you can’t fold over the last inch or two so the jagged edge doesn’t show?  But until they figure that out – there always Singer scissors.

Taking a closer look at what makes Singer scissors superior. . .

  • Chrome-plated
  • They come with a lifetime guarantee
  • Their extra-sharp edges provide a consistent smooth cut all the way to the end of the blades
  • Made through a *hot drop forge process for strength and durability
  • The long-standing reputation of the Singer company for offering quality products
  • Reasonably priced – the above pair is just $19.99 at Amazon

Aren’t these vintage Singer scissors cool? And guess what?  I Googled the model number of my Singer Scissors and to my delight, learned my Singer scissors were made in West Germany, and are vintage as well!

* If you’ve ever watched a blacksmith striking a piece of hot iron on an anvil, that is the simplest form of forging. Drop forging, a much more modern method, means the hot iron is machine-pounded into a mold or dye and the product is formed in that shape.

Singer Scissors are available online and at (almost) all major discount, department, fabric, and craft stores, including Sears, Wal-Mart, Kmart, etsy, Amazon, and many others.

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