Conan The Barbarian

Pros: Barbaric brutality at its best

Cons: There is an alternative ending to the theatrical release

Quick Review of a well known movie:

Conan The Barbarian is a film set in the dark ages and stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Earl Jones. The story begins about a little boy who witnesses the death of his entire village and the murder of his mother and father by marauders known as the Cult of Set a very evil group that worships snakes and is led by a evil sorcerer named Thulsa Doom. (James Earl Jones). After kidnapping the young Conan and keeping him a s a slave he grows up to be a valiant pit fighter and decides his quest should be to destroy the cult that killed his entire family and avenge their deaths.


I first remember seeing Conan when I was a small kid of 9 years could imagine how exciting that must have been for a boy that age. Giant snakes, sword fighting, and behemoth men. Not to mention the bloody graphic visuals of body parts flying around. I think of all the movies I have seen set in the dark ages this has definitely been the one I keep going back to watch again and again. Now 30 years later I still love this movie and for more than just the feelings of nostalgia the movie holds for me. It’s just awesome to see even after all these years.. the acting is believable, the soundtrack is amazing..and Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn’t be more at home with this character and he looks great and physically at his peak. James Earl Jones is also at his best here and once again plays a very iconic bad guy.


Some of the movies dialogue one would think could suffer as Arnold has very bad English but in this movie it fits perfectly..and the stage sets are visually appealing. Great movie that I’m sure most of us have seen and a movie that I would recommend to those who haven’t especially fans of these types of themes and watchers of series like Game of Thrones. I also think the movie would have appeal to certain horror/gore watching heads getting cut off and rolling down some steps, as well as seeing people get cut in just bloody awesome! I think the movie might appeal more to the male audience as it is pretty masculine in every sense of the word..but then again maybe all that testosterone may reach a certain percentage of female audiences as well. However it’s not something I’d bring home to grandmother.


Finally I think I should mention that the ending I grew up with has been replaced with a new one..that I do not feel adds any depth at all to the original cut and in fact hurts the endings famous last words of “But that is another story” with “And this story shall also be told” however all in all I still love this movie and will continue to watch it as one of my all time favorites.


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