Camelbak M.U.L.E Hydration Pack Rain Cover


Pros: lightweight, easy to attach, rainproof, pack specific for good fit

Cons: not one-size-fits-all, pack specific

When clouds routinely pop up and cover the sky threatening outdoor recreationists with brief but heavy rain it’s wise to prepare for the eventual rain. As a long distance cyclist who easily rides 30 plus miles in a day, it’s not unlikely to experience riding through some of those occasionally pop-up storms. The smart thing to do is find temporary shelter until it passes over but those planned stops can be a mile or two away – we’re not supposed to take shelter under a large tree. Our miscellaneous collection of electronic devices aren’t designed for exposure to rain and my M.U.L.E. Camelbak pack can only handle light showers.


Consider carrying a very lightweight rain pack provided by Camelbak specifically for the M.U.L.E. hydration pack. It’s secure in wind, easy to fit, bright and visible, and waterproof.


Several days ago I was out for a long ride that ended short of my camelbak-rain-coverintended goal of 35. Three intense pop-up storms forced me off the road and under shelter of a porch, a carwash canopy, and then a picnic pavilion. (Intense is when you look at the approaching rain and the path is completely obscured by a nearly black rain screen.)  A forth storm to threaten looked more intense than the pop ups so I headed full speed to my parked car barely making it in front of the approaching squall line. I protected the pack before the first pop-up storm hit and was pleased to discover that the contents of my pack remained dry thanks to this “raincoat”.  If only there were windshield wipers for my glasses and rain covers for my cycling shoes.


The Camelbak Rain Cover is a rainproof rain cover. 
  • Only available in bright, hi-vis yellow for high daytime visibility (drivers certainly don’t expect to see a cyclist when it’s raining)
  • Velcro loops attach to the harness straps
  • It has a pull cinch at the bottom to help tighten the cover for a more secure fit
  • The M.U.L.E. cover fits the M.U.L.E. hydration pack as well Camelbak’s L.U.X.E. and Lobo packs (They have other bright yellow rain covers specifically designed for other hydration packs.) The design for specific packs improves the fit.
  • Made of coated nylon
  • Weighs 3 ounces
  • Measures 20 x 15 inches
  • Easily rolled and compacted into a small space in your hydration pack’s pockets
  • Affordable, easily found at $10


As a cyclist forced to ride on roads more than on paved off-road paths, I appreciate the bright color. My M.U.L.E. is a bright orange and it’s tempting to wear this on cloudy days simply to enhance my visibility.

High Tech Recreation

The Camelbak Rain Cover is a necessity for anyone who carries a hydration pack and who is serious about spending time outdoors, whether they are hiking, walking, running or riding regardless of the weather. Once upon a time we accepted getting wet, we knew it wasn’t any worse than sweating, we knew our packs might get wet and we protected items inside our packs with zipper-style bags but today it’s different. Today we carry a collection of expensive electronic devices that suffer, often fatally, when they get wet. This extremely very lightweight Camelbak Rain Cover has become a necessity in the reality of long distance exercising in climates with pop-up storms.

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