Pendleton Plaid Blanket with Leather Carrier

Pendleton Camping Blankets

Pros: Extremely well-made, lasts for years

Cons: Pricey, and not easy to find the blanket dimensions on their website

I’ve written reviews lately on camping gear, such as my Coleman PerfectFlow 1-Burner Stove, and Coleman Chest Cooler. I’ve even mentioned sleeping bags I own, but ironically, never use.

First let me say, I am not claustrophobic – elevators, vehicles, small rooms, etc. don’t bother me a bit – however, being encased in a sleeping bag inside a tent, RV, or vehicle, unable to bolt or react immediately to an emergency, definitely gives me the weemies.

After several years of aggravating  wrestling- matches with uncooperative sleeping- bag zippers, bulky, uneven roll-ups, and the feeling of being overly restricted, I determined there had to be a better option – and of course, there was/is – blankets. But not any old blanket – 100% Virgin Wool Pendleton Blankets.

I confess to a little bias as Pendleton Woolen Mills are located, and their superb woolen blankets and garments are  manufactured, right here in Oregon – coincidentally in the city of Pendleton.

Pendleton Woolen Mills have been a family owned business for over one-hundred-fifty years. Founded by Thomas Kay in 1863, Pendleton Woolen Mills is what is known as a “Vertically Integrated Company”, meaning they begin with the very basics – A thru Z, to create their end  product.

The process starts with the purchase of  raw wool from sheep ranchers. Next, processing the wool, including cleaning, carding and weaving the fibers to create an absolutely mind-boggling array of brilliant colors and designs. On to manufacturing the many different woolen fabrics, fourteen of them, in fact. Finally, worldwide sales and distribution to the hundreds of shops and outlets where their products are sold.

So, what makes Pendleton blankets and garments so special and (almost) immediately recognizable?

  • Made exclusively from 100% Virgin wool
  • The items are easy to care for. Because they’re low-static and have a “hairy’ surface, they repel dirt better than most fabrics.
  • Comfort. Wool is a natural insulator that lets skin breathe. It keeps the wearer cool(er) in summer, and warm in the winter.
  • Beauty. Pendleton Blankets and garments are known for their intricate colors, interesting, authentic designs, and quality construction.
  • Durability. I can personally attest to this feature having one Pendleton blanket in particular that has lasted more than forty years.

The blanket on the bottom row (right) is very close to mine in design and colors. I just looked at it and after all this time there are still no snags, pulled threads, nor flaws of any kind.  I call that durable!

As previously mentioned, Pendleton uses fourteen different types of wool to create their blankets and garments – Boiled, Doubleface, Jacquard, Tricotone, Tropical Weight Wool, Virgin and Umatilla to mention a few. Some are even machine washable.

I was unable to find the exact dimensions and prices for the blankets pictured at the top of the review, but one very similar measures 54×66″ – $149.00

So, getting back to my original point – I love crawling into (camp) bed – whether I’m tent, or ‘tramp-camping’, as I call sleeping in my rig.  I’m comfortable and feel less anxious using blankets instead of a bag. And best of all, since camping is usually done in the warmer months, it’s much easier kicking off a blanket, then a few hours later, when the temperature has dropped, covering up. That just doesn’t work with a bag, Which brings about one final universal dilemma:  The 2:00 A.M. ‘Why did I drink that last soda?’  issue?  Anyone, but I’m thinking especially of us ladies who are familiar with camping, know all about that time-sensitive  issue – ‘nuf said?

Pendleton Woolen Mills

P.O. Box 3030

Portland, Oregon 97208


Mills operating in Pendleton, Ore – open for tours

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