PDI See Clear Eye Glass Cleaning Wipes

Pros: easy to use, individually wrapped, damp towels clean glass and polycarbonate lenses, remove fog and film

Cons: wish the box came in larger sizes

Several years ago, I began using PDI See Clear Eye Glass Cleaning Wipes.  I needed a wipe that was gentle on polycarbonate lenses as well as a formula that would remove pesky film for clearer vision.  Plain soap and water did not work.


PDI packages 120 individually wrapped wipes in a cardboard container.  The box has a cutout that pulls open to form a bin.  Reach in to grab a wipe without opening the box.  Each white wipe measures 5” x 7 3/4″.  They are designed to safely clean eye glasses and other eye protection equipment with either glass or polycarbonate lenses.  The formula on the wipes is safe for anti-reflective, UV and glare-free coatings.  The wipes are designed with an anti-static and anti-fog formula, and the moist wipes are advertised as quick drying without scratching lenses.

The ingredients listed are Ethanol and Isopropanol. Cautions state: “excessive intentional inhalation” may cause respiratory tract irritation, central nervous system effects such as headache and/or dizziness. The Isopropanol can cause skin irritation. I have had no problems.

My Experiences

I was having a terrible time keeping my glasses lenses clear of a foggy film.  I tried various soaps (including Dawn liquid dishwashing soap, which is supposed to remove grease) … but nothing kept the film off the lenses.

Finally I decided to search online for a solution and on Amazon stumbled across the PDI See Clear Eye Glass Cleaning Wipes.  What a terrific find.

These wipes are individually wrapped, small moist towels.  The manufacturer says to use them only once, but my frugal sense decided that was ridiculous, so I experimented.  I can successfully use one of these wipes twice without a problem.  Trying to use one three times tends not to work as well since the wipe has lost moisture.  The damp towels do a great job at removing fog, film, and the usual smudges.  My glasses are cleaned without leaving streaks or scratches.

Since the wipes come in a foil-type packet, I can rip one end of the sealed packet … use the towel, and then neatly fold the towel and insert it back into the packet (folding over the packet edge to seal in the towel so it doesn’t lose moisture).

The packets are small enough to easily fit into a pocket, purse, backpack or tote.  I keep several in my purse and some at home and in the office.  The dispenser-style box makes it easy to grab one or several packets.


I am very impressed with these PDI See Clear Eye Glass Cleaning Wipes.  I noticed I was running low on these glasses cleaners, so I ordered two more boxes from Amazon.

I hope you found this review useful.

Enjoy the day,

Copyright 2014 Dawn L. Stewart

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