Coleman 70-Qt. Xtreme Cooler ( Blue)

PROS:  Does exactly what it’s designed to do – plus

CONS: None 



Okay, so it’s not a beautiful picture – but it’s authentic, representing my 56-Qt. Coleman Chest Cooler (among other Coleman camping items, like the one-burner stove and propane cylinder).  What’s not showing is my Coleman tent, lantern and folding chair. I’m a walking advertisement for Coleman camping gear!

The pictures above and below were taken last year in an area referred to as The Oxbow – an isolated, mountainous region in the Oregon Coast Range. I know it like the back of my hand – and should after fifty-years of bouncing around it.


This particular excursion I decided (at the last minute) to check out my favorite bear-watching hillside. Usually when I go for a one-nighter I ‘tramp-camp’, sleeping in the back of my SUV. Obviously, when I do that, I need to off-load the camping gear inside so Wally and I have a place to sleep – hence the jumble of ‘stuff’ on the ground.  ( I’m explaining so as not to look like a camping slob!  :)

It’s never difficult or time-consuming packing for these impromptu sojourns as I carry much of my  equipment in the back of my rig all the time – especially a Coleman cooler. I say ” a  Coleman cooler” because I have several. Further, where is it written that coolers are for food and drink only? I use the 70-Qt. Xtreme Cooler pictured above for my sleeping bag, pillow, blowup air mattress and air pump, along with a jumble of incidentals – a small first-aid kit, and extra food for Wally. Coleman Coolers are great for things I want to keep dry, bug-free, and all in one place. I never have to go searching for my pillow for example, I know exactly where to find it. I normally bring another cooler of clean clothes, but when camping just for one night, I don’t take a change of clothes.

Some of the features of the 70-Qt. Xtreme Cooler:

  • 100-can capacity – that’s sixteen six-packs of your favorite beverage!
  • Keeps ice five days in temps up to 90°
  • ThermOZONE™ insulation – no CFC’s, HFC’s, or HCFC’s which deplete the ozone
  • Hinged lid with four drink holders
  • Rustproof, leak-resistant channel for no-tilt draining

Setting off to the side in the picture is my Coleman folding chair – although I admit, it’s really not mandatory equipment since sitting on a Coleman Cooler is the best seat in camp. Except for color, the blue cooler pictured below is identical to the green one in the camping picture above.


Both coolers have four drink-holders molded into the top which make them perfect for cups, cans or bottles – but once again, I find a variety of uses for them other than their original purpose – like holding a small  flashlight, clock, cellphone, safety pins, rubberbands,  anything I might wake up in the middle of the night and want or need – within reason, of course. ( Sorry, no pizza delivery after midnight).
I very honestly would miss my Coleman coolers if for whatever reason they came up missing.  I’m an obnoxiously-organized person. The  idea of just tossing my camping gear in the back of the SUV and hitting the road. . .would be tantamount to throwing my clothes in the closet without hanging them up – I just don’t see that happening.

 The Coleman Company, Inc.

Golden, Colorado


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