Corning®   Corelle® Coordinates™ Chutney pattern

Pros: beautiful, durable, chip resistant, hefty easy hold handle

Cons: none noted

Corelle Corelle® Coordinates™ Chutney pattern was first offered in 2001. Today Chutney pattern Corelle® Impressions™ line is an active manufacturing line offered by World Kitchens.

Both Chutney Coordinates and Impressions pattern features pretty fluted or rippled design with fruit ornamentation overlay. This flat bottom cup sits flat, steady on the table top, a consideration especially as we age and vision and steady had both are beginning to wane.

White stoneware presents a cup with nice heft, this is not a lady cup Husband prefers not to use. I often pick up two or more cups at local thrift shop when the price is right.

Breakfast time is a moment I like to add a little surprise, or what is it today to the perhaps boring fare. Even Husband’s favorite scrambled eggs, toast and all the accouterments begin to wane when age is creeping past mid and into elderly.

A perky, open the eyes, mug filled with dare you drink this coffee black is always good for rousing the senses.

I had never before seen this particular pattern when I spotted it on the thrift store shelf, backmark on the botton notes Corelle Coordinates stoneware Made in Thailand. I brought home the 3 mugs and checked the Replacements Ltd web site.

I do not find a lot of information regarding these mugs, they are still made today, however, World Kitchen lists their Corelle Impressions mugs as 10 oz, this Coordinates mug I have is an 8 oz and the Corelle Corner website does show what appears to be my mug.

As with many items that become collectible. Collectors begin to collect, and there is not always a lot of information available yet to identify, specify, exactly what the piece is, when it was made and the like.

chutney sauc mug


This mug is handsome, is offered with both saucer and as stand-alone mug on Replacements website for affordable price, but for much more than the less than dollar I paid for all three.

Because this is a product line still in production many pieces with the same pretty embellishments are available. Cups are glossy, white have swirl or fluted wall design, and nice large hold handle. Husband’s fingers are large, he does not like a cup with a wimpy, hard to hold handle.

My Coordinates cup features two adornments, on one face are two red apples, round, with orangey striations, leaves are green. A spent blossom calix and leave are shown, and four blue berries complete the design. On the opposite face is a branch with leaves, pear blossom a ripe yellow pear and another branch of blue berries; this cluster presents 6 plump berries.

While I do have some Corelle dinnerware, I did not try to match dinnerware to cookware during the years Sons were growing up. I have kept one four place setting of Corelle in a farm motif, and have given sons most of the Corelle I had as they moved from home to begin lives, and homes of their own.

I have never particularly collected Corelle, however, now that the Corning bug has bitten, and I am collecting a piece or two of patterns introduced years, even decades ago, in Corning Ware® cookware patterns, I find myself facing more and more Corelle dishware including cups, mugs and saucers as I browse the shelves of local jumble shop and thrift store.

Trendy Corelle® Impressions™ line represents enduring tradition in addition to meeting modernized needs.  The Impressions™ Chutney 10-1/2-oz Stoneware Mug is stated as microwave and dishwasher safe and carries a  3 year limited warranty. This pretty mug co-ordinates with other Corelle pieces, is break and chip resistant and shape allows stacking in cupboard to conserve space.

Durable, lightweight, beautiful, and user friendly have long been the hallmark of Corelle, I find my Coordinates mugs to be all of that, the ornamentation looks fresh, obviously has been treated well, my mugs are chip and stain free. I do not microwave stoneware mugs, and will not be using my Chutney mugs in microwave or dishwasher.

Corelle Coordinates Chutney Pattern is available online, and on shelves in jumble and thrift shops, Corelle Impressions Chutney Pattern is available on Amazon.

Happy to recommend Corelle® Impressions™ or Corelle Corelle® Coordinates™ Chutney pattern and to submit 729 words to July – August Contest.

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