Wee-Ji Mystical Talking Board Game


Pros: Interesting Board Design

Cons: The Board Folds In Half

 found this item and thought it was unique enough to add to my collection of talking board games. This product is distributed exclusively by Five Below Inc. in Philadelphia, PA. Here is how the contents hold up.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the contents don’t add up to very much, given the deliberate mispronunciation of the classic Ouija brand. The box has a catch phrase: “Remember, it’s only a game, it’s only a game…etc..I think!” This phrase is on the top of the box’s lid. The back of the box reads, “Discover what your future holds. With at least two players, turn the lights low and gather around the Wee-Ji board. Place everyone’s fingertips gently but firmly on the oracle, as one player asks a question. Focus on the question asked and wait for the oracle to answer.” I’m not sure how you do this since my version of “gentle” and “firm” are complete polar opposites, but okay. Now it is time to see the contents of the box.


The board is longer than the average talking board (which I like) but has a seam down the middle that allows it to fold in half. I found this to be a deception upon looking at the box as there is no actual indication visually that reveals that the board folds in any way at all. The board looks nice and is reminiscent of how the old school game boards looked ages ago. The “Yes & No” sections each have a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” symbol. A “thumbs up” is used for YES and a “thumbs down” is used for NO. The moon and the sun symbols have a very nice look and appear as though they have been decorated in tribal. The board feels more solid than the newer versions of the Ouija brand message boards.

Now on to the Planchette. Unfortunately, the planchette is just thrown loosely in the box and slides around. There is no compartment in which to fit the planchette (called the Oracle). The planchette is white and is simply a piece of solid plastic with stubby legs. It does glow in the dark. Overall, this is the biggest disappointment as I find the planchette is generally the most important piece to any talking board game. It always amazes me how cheap companies will go when it comes to making a planchette. However, the Oracle does slide fairly smoothly on the board so it’s not a complete loss.

There is a small piece of paper with instructions that reads similar to other talking board game instructions. Overall, I think this board game is a cute play on the classic Ouija game. It retails for around 5-20 dollars. Unless you absolutely want a talking board that acknowledges the commonly mispronounced name of the classic Ouija game, avoid this item. However, if you are a collector like me, you may find it has a place among the many brands of talking boards on the market today.

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