Hamilton Beach 2-Slice Metal Toaster — 22504


Pros: metal construction, extra-wide slots, defrost option, bagel setting, crumb tray, auto shut-off

Cons: crumb tray is shallow

People in the office begged for a toaster.  Mind you, we already had a few toaster ovens and microwaves … but the staff insisted they needed an old-fashioned toaster.  When approval for the purchase came through, I began my research and bought the Hamilton Beach 2-Slice Metal Toaster (Model # 22504).


This Hamilton Beach 2-Slice Toaster is of metal construction with a brushed finish that resists fingerprints.  The interior (where the two wide slots are located) has a warning that the area becomes hot.  However, the toaster exterior stays cool for safety.  Another safety feature is the auto shut-off.  This toaster has buttons labeled: Cancel, Bagel, Defrost.  The toast darkness level is controlled by a dial with five settings.  Overall, it measures 8 1/2″ x 8 1/2” x 13 1/4″.

A set of instructions comes with the toaster.  The instructions cover a lot of toaster “do’s and don’ts”.  There is also a Toasting Chart that lists types of bread, the recommended shade setting, and whether the bagel or defrost button should be used.  The types of bread listed on the chart include: regular bread, English muffins, bagels or buns, frozen waffles.  It is not recommended to use the toaster for “toaster pastries” such as Pop-Tarts.  The instructions suggest using a toaster oven or oven broiler for toaster pastries.

Our Experiences

I admit I used caution when researching a toaster to buy.  My personal experience with toasters is not a happy one.  I went through three toasters, and all of them failed.  Finally I settled on a T-Fal Toaster Oven, which I love and use all the time at home.

After getting a feel for toaster brands and features, I visited a large local department store.  I wanted to see the toasters in person.  Boy, and I glad I did.  What looked good on the internet, appeared cheap when viewed in person.  The one model I did like was this Hamilton Beach 2-slice toaster.  The metal construction looked solid, the slots wide, it offered several toasting options, and had a crumb tray.  My luck, the store was out of stock.  So off to Amazon I went now that I knew what I wanted to buy.

This is a really nice toaster.  The silver-colored finish works well in the kitchen.  With so many people using the toaster at various times during the day, the brushed finish that doesn’t show fingerprints is a plus.  The exterior is cool to the touch (yes, I couldn’t resist testing it).

The instructions mention to regularly clean the crumb tray.  The tray is easy to slide out.  It is shallow, though, and does not hold a large amount of crumbs.  Periodically, I also turn the toaster upside-down to shake out any larger crumbs that don’t make it to the tray.  It is easy to manage the crumbs.

We have toasted everything from bread, bagels, and English muffins.  Experimentation is needed with the darkness dial to achieve the perfect shade of toasted goodness.  Not all breads work with the same setting.

One problem we did encounter is worth mentioning due to safety issues.  Initially, the toaster was setup near the microwave, which is located near the sink.  Typically, people don’t pay attention and splash water across the counter.  A few times the toaster was sitting near water on the wet counter.  When the toaster was plugged in and turned on, it started sparking.  The toaster was quickly unplugged and relocated to a kitchen table that is always dry.  We have not had a problem since.


Everyone at work who has used this Hamilton Beach 2-Slice Metal has nothing but good things to say about it.  I like that it is made of metal with a lot of toasting options, plus the crumb tray.  It was an excellent buy for this office.

I hope you found this review useful.

Enjoy the day,

Copyright 2014 Dawn L. Stewart

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