Conair Infinity Pro Spin Air Rotating Styler

Pros: improves hair quality, no need for hot hair dryer

Cons: large handle, takes practice

One of my favorite hair products is the Conair Infinity Pro Spin Air Rotating Styler. I have been using it since last Christmas and it is now my main method of drying/styling my hair. This is a rotating hot air brush. You can use the round brush to dry your hair and if you choose you can use the benefits of the rotating brush along with the heat.

There are three settings on the spin brush – low, high and cool. The brush will only rotate on the low and high setting. The cool setting is like a hair dryer’s cool setting. The brush can rotate in two different directions. There are two different buttons that will start the rotation of the brush. Depending on where and how you hold the brush will determine which direction the brush should rotate. Knowing which direction to have the brush to rotate as well as which button to push will take a while to adjust to. At this point I no longer have to think about which button I need to use. I can now choose the right button instinctively.

The rotator brush has a large handle base, which may be surprising when you first see the brush. The handle has the motor, and as well there is an area at the bottom to clean out any build up, such as a hair dryer would have. It seemed like it would be too awkward to hold, but I have never had a problem holding the brush.

Conair recommends letting the hair dry 80-90% before beginning to use the Spin Air Rotating Styler. I follow this recommendation. While you can dry your hair with this hot air brush, it does not have the type of power of a hair dryer. If you try to dry your hair with this brush when the hair is too wet it will take a long time to dry. If you needed to, you could dry the roots with a dryer then move on to the styler brush.

There are several benefits to using this hot air brush. Since I have started using it I have pretty much stopped using my hair dryer. I have very thick, coarse hair and now I no longer have to stand with a hot dryer on my head for 20 minutes. The condition of my hair has improved greatly. Even when I am due for a hair cut I no longer see damage such as split ends. My hair is smoother and shinier than when drying my hair with a standard hair dryer. I can create a little volume and a little bit of wave.

The has become my preferred way to dry my hair. I have improved hair condition and I don’t need to have to use a hot dryer, especially now in the summer. The rotating brush does take some practice. You probably won’t pick up this hair styler and be able to manage it correctly on the first use. But practice is the key and in the end that practice can help lead the way to better hair!

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