Clorox® Pine-Sol® Lavender Clean®   All Purpose Cleaner

Pros: Proven product use record, lovely scent, other scents available, readily available in myriad size containers, wipes and squirt bottles available

Cons:  None noted by myself

Clorox Pine-Sol® Lavender Clean®   All Purpose Cleaner is a handy, multiuse household cleaning and revitalizing product planned to cut through strong grunge and grease.

I like that Pine-Sol scented cleaners not only deodorize but wash and dilute tough stains, grease and grunge.  I began using Pine-Sol original scent when I first married many years ago, and since that time I have tried or another of the newer scents as they were introduced.

While I have tried each of the newer scents and often return to original, I am using lavender at the moment and like it very much.

I find the assertions that Lavender Clean Pine-Sol cleaning product leaves a revitalizing, long lasting calming lavender aroma that quietly alerts those who enter that your house is clean is accurate.

I was first introduced to Lavender Clean when our custodian at school began using the product.  I have always liked lavender, grow it in my yard, and recognized the lovely scent as quickly as I entered our elementary hallway on the first day of school 4 years ago.  I had not yet seen Lavender Clean in my local big box store, what a treat to realize our custodian not only had seen it, but she quickly purchased some and was using it at school.

Using Lavender Clean is keeping my house fragrant with lavender notwithstanding our having a sand box in the house for the elderly cats.

Because Pine-Sol Cleaner formulas are concentrated;  I can dilute with water as needed for each cleaning task. For general cleaning, the 24 oz. bottle provides 12 gallons of water and cleaner.  Unlike using premixed sprays for general household cleaning and deodorizing Pine-Sol mixed with water at diverse strengths for various household tasks helps me save money.

Clorox product, Pine-Sol Lavender Clean multi-purpose cleaner is available in a diversity of sizes including 28 oz., 60 oz. and even a giant sized 144 oz. The smaller bottles have a twist off lid, and are lifted by grasping the bottle. The larger sizes also have a twist off lid, and the addition of a lift ring as part of the package. Lifting the bottle without the lift ring in place would be very hard especially with my arthritic fingers.

Adaptable for use on an extensive variability of hard, nonporous surfaces, including counter tops, floors, sinks; Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner can be used with cleaning materials and gadgets found in the home. No need to buy special brushes, mops or the like. Pine-Sol can be used with general cleaning brushes and mops, I prefer a cotton string mop for floors and soft cotton cleaning rags, old cloth diapers work well. Microfiber cleaning cloths, paper towels, old kitchen towels all work fine with Pine-Sol solution.

For general all-purpose cleaning of tough jobs in bathrooms, cafeterias, kitchens and floors a solution of ¼ cup Pine-Sol Cleaner per gallon of water can be used as is, with no rinsing necessary, except on asphalt or rubber.

When I can find the larger sized bottle of product, I like to purchase the 144 oz size bottle of Pine-Sol Cleaner. The 144 oz. size container of cleaner will generate about 70 gallons of potent, thinned cleaning liquid to get to the core of stains, and do it quickly to purify, neaten and revive robust, nonporous hard surfaces including home, food service and cafeteria countertops, cooktops, deep fat fryers, home appliances, no-wax floors, microwaves, sinks, tiles, refrigerators, walls, range hoods and more.

When using watered down Pine-Sol formula tackling any job is simplified through regulating the cleaning power to fit the task. For extra tough jobs Pine-Sol can be used undiluted straight from the bottle; if used full strength the surface should be rinsed.   No wax floors, use diluted and rinse. Pine-Sol should not be used on aluminum, marble, or non-painted, unsealed or unfinished or oiled, waxed, or worn wooden surfaces.

If painted or otherwise finished wooden surface is soiled and you desire to use Pine-Sol cleanser; first test a small area to be sure the cleaner will not damage the surface.

Sol Cleaner without concern that I will taint food prep surfaces in my kitchen with substances or other contaminants not nontoxic for food preparation. When used at full strength from the bottle, the formula is an EPA registered decontaminator for nonfood surfaces.

The innovative grease-cutting formulation eradicates tough grease and grime when used in an industrialized or brasserie setting. I often add a splash of Pine-Sol Cleaner to the wash water in my washing machine, sanitize waste baskets and trash containers, scrub spots on carpet, and when kids were little lads I wiped little fingerprints from walls. I use Pine-Sol to bring a fresh clean appearance and fragrance to the shower, toilet and whole bathroom.

Today scents include Original pine scent, Mandarin Sunrise, Lemon Fresh, Sparkling Wave, Lavender Clean offered in bottles as well as wipes, squirt and mop containers.

NOTE: Reading the label, Pine-Sol® can cause eye irritation: caution should be taken to prevent getting liquid into eyes.

First Aid procedures consist of washing eyes with water and should irritation continue call a doctor.

Wearing gloves while using the product is recommended for those planning prolonged use of the liquid or those having sensitive or delicate skin. I try to refrain from product getting onto skin should my hands have scratch or other result of weeding in the garden.

If Pine-Sol liquid is swallowed; drink a glassful of water and call doctor and/or poison control center. Keep Pine-Sol products out of reach of children: Pine-Sol Lavender Clean contains C10-12 alcohol ethoxylates; surfactants, cleaning agents, having strong grease-cutting ability.

I recognize that a clean house is a clean house, nonetheless, I like the scent of clean remaining when I clean with Clorox Pine-Sol® Lavender Clean®   All Purpose Cleaner.

Happy to recommend Clorox Pine-Sol® Lavender Clean®   All Purpose Cleaner.




C10-12 Alcohol Ethoxylates



Liquitint® Lavender Dye

Sodium C14-17 Sec-Alkyl Sulfonate

Sodium Carbonate


Price is dependent upon specific product and/or size of container.   144 fl. Oz bottle on Amazon is  $16 – 18



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