Alfresco-Olympus Stone Fire Pot

Pros: Cozy, controllable flame, attractive

Cons: May be too small  for some tastes

I’ve spent thousands of hours in various camps, hunting, hiking, camping, and so forth, but come evening, when everyone else is looking forward to sitting around a camp fire, I can hardly enjoy myself for fear of setting the woods on fire. I see embers rising, or someone putting one more large piece of wood on the fire,  and (usually sooner than later), I get nervous. Which is really a bummer because I love a fire, too!

That’s why I love this Olympus Stone Fire Pot. I can enjoy all the ambiance of fire, without the worry of it getting out of control.

The Alfresco-Olympus Fire Pot is handcrafted and made of real stone. It’s squat design (only about 4″ tall), and wide, elliptical shape make it stable, and easy to see over so you can converse with your companion without blocking the view.

The stainless steel burner mechanism operates on gel fuel providing approximately one hour of burning time per ounce of fuel, and comes with a snuffer-cap to extinguish the flame when you’re through using it.  You can also add citronella to help keep any buggy-biters at bay.

The overall dimensions of this particular pot are 11.8 ” (L) x 11.8″ (W) x 3.7″ (T), and weighs six (6) pounds.

At the date of this review the price is $36.99. It also comes in Black Granite at a slighty lower price of $31.99.

Perhaps one of these are more your style. .


This Baltic Fire Column is made of painted fiber-concrete and steel and offers five hours of uninterrupted burning on just a 1 lb. tank of LP – liquid propane that sets behind a hidden door.

It’s overall dimensions 33″ (H) x 13″ (W) x 13″ (L) make it perfect for corners or compact areas.

It comes with decorative brown lava rock, a protective cover and lid.  $247.98.

These, and many more can be viewed at

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