US Leisure Adirondack Chair ( in Mushroom color) Patio Chair

Pros: Completely waterproof, relatively inexpensive, comes in a variety of colors, may be purchased at many outlets

Cons: Not comfortable – which is a big ‘CON’

My older sister has a memory like a steel trap. A couple of years ago I mentioned that I’ve always thought Adirondack chairs look so “comfy and homey”  – almost primitive. ‘BAM’! The next thing I knew I was the recipient of two forest-green Adirondack chairs. I was delighted – for about a half an hour. Neither she nor I, could get comfortable – even with the leg rest that came with them. However, ‘comfort’ is such a subjective thing, and there are features about this style and composition of chair that really do make them attractive.  You may find it to be the perfect chair.

Some of the plus-features of the US Leisure Adirondack Chair:

  • Constructed of resin – a hard plastic material
  • Come in several festive colors – lime green, violet, periwinkle blue, as well as traditional tan ( mushroom) and dark green colors
  • Relatively inexpensive as patio furniture goes ($17.98 as of this review).
  • Generously proportioned (seat width is 30″ wide)
  • Maintenance-free. Water, stain. mold and insect resistant
  • One-year warranty
  • Stackable – a nice feature when storing
  • Ideal for backyards, patios and decks
  • Available at Target, Lowe’s, Home Depot

The not-so-attractive side :

  • Non-adjustable – once you’re in the sitting position, that’s it. It’s even difficult crossing your legs to get comfy. The back is too sloped, so the sitter is always in a state of semi-recline.
  • They’re not cushioned, making them a little sticky to sit on, especially if you’re wearing shorts
  • No place to set a beverage. While the arms are fairly wide, who likes to sit and hold their beverage (watching the ice melt).
  • Depending on the sitter’s height, the height of the chairback  (36.25″) might be too tall.
  • In reading several reviews, a common complaint is that the chair breaks after just a couple of years use.  Moreover, it breaks in the same place, where the arms joins the back.

So, as of yesterday, both chairs have found a new life of leisure – in my sister’s more-than-ample backyard, under the cherry tree – where no one ever sits anyway.

US Leisure Adirondack Chair
Carmel, CA

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