Zep Drain Care Build Up Remover

Pros: labeled biodegradable

Cons: does nothing to open a slow drain

Unfortunately this is one of those reviews where I’ve already said it all. “Natural enzyme action opens slow drains,” it said on the bottle. And after multiple uses, my bathroom drain is still just as slow as it was before. This product may be biodegradeable, but now I feel like an idiot for using it at all, because it did nothing, NOTHING for me.

The instructions say to add just 1 ounce of the product after warming your pipes by running the hot water. I did this. They also say to follow up with 16 ounces of water. I did this. I waited the proscribed 6 hours. The drain was still very slow. I repeated the steps several times. No change.

The directions do say that for faster results, you can dump in 8 ounces instead of just one. I did that. I did it three times. Still no change. The bottle, which claims to contain “up to 40 treatments” is now two-thirds empty, and my bathroom sink still drains as if a mouse crawled down it and died. I’m ready to believe that I’ve been scammed. There’s probably nothing but Windex in the bottle – and perhaps a little tinkle from the president of Zep corporation to give it that distinct green color. Seriously, I know that’s pretty gross, but this drain opener performs precisely as well as a Blue Hawaii that’s been pissed in, and is worth about as much.

Call me a sucker but I always buy the “environmentally friendly” product when I can, even if it costs more. In this case I think I would have been better off with a few cups of vinegar. I think I’ll go cry into my sink now and see if my tears do any more good than this worthless product.

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