Edible Arrangements “Today We Celebrate You” Birthday Bouquet

Today We Celebrate You™

Pros: Fresh! Colorful,  a unique and thoughtful surprise!

Cons: More?

Last evening I watched my sisters’ car pull in the driveway. I was a little perplexed because we have plans to be together on Sunday to celebrate my birthday, so it was a little unusual for her to pop in unexpectedly.

I’m not one to be coy or humble about my birthday. I love it! After all, it was the day I entered the air-breathing world. How can that  not be a big deal – for anybody – everybody?  And to make mine even sweeter, I was born on my father (Normans’) birthday. Before he passed away in 1993, we had forty-six wonderful birthdays together.

But getting back to my sister. . .I opened the door to see this large, colorful, cellophane-wrapped fruit arrangement held out to me. “Happy Birthday” my sister trilled. How fun! What a wonderful surprise – and two days early – even better! It was so beautiful I honestly didn’t want to open it – but it had  to go through quality-control, right?

Edible Arrangements  could be considered a fruit florist. They create beautiful ‘bouquets’ of seasonal fruit, arranged in a basket, bowl, vase or specialty container. They also create gourmet chocolate-covered fruits – banana slices, pineapple daisies, and of course, strawberries. Is your mouth watering yet?

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Box Shown: 12 Box


As I’ve stated, it was so beautifully arranged and wrapped, I hardly wanted to open it – but we did. Oh yum! Make that – OH YUM AND THEN SOME!

The brightly-colored fruit was fragrant, fresh, tantalizing and inviting. I’m a grape-fiend – liking them cold and snappy, so that was my first selection. Perfect! Next, my second favorite fruit – pineapple – cut in the shape of a daisy and dipped in chocolate. Is this thing real?  🙂 The bouquet looked almost exactly as the one pictured at the top of this review, with slices of honeydew melon, cantaloupe wedges, grapes, pineapple daisies, and strawberries. Each individual piece of fruit, or shish-kabob,  is firmly screwered on a plastic ‘stick’ and wedged into the base.  Suffice it to say, it doesn’t look near as pretty today as it did eighteen hours ago.

Since I had no previous experience with Edible Arrangements I had to do a little research to write this review. Of course, the prices are revealed for all to see. They seem a little steep, but one is really paying more for the uniqueness, than the arrangement itself. They also offer delivery in one of their refrigerated delivery trucks, or you can visit the local shop selecting from ready-made arrangements, or ask for a special creation.  See their website for store locations.

I was pleased to learn they support The Breast Cancer Society and the National Breast Cancer Foundation – both worthy causes.  There’s also some interesting background information about the beginnings of the company. The owners are originally from India. In 1947 ( the year of my birth!) they migrated to America – “the land of new beginnings and opportunity”, which certainly seems to be a prophesy come true for them.

Check out their website to see all the different arrangements they can create for just about every occasion.  Most of us know someone who likes fruit and surprises, making it the perfect gift!

Edible Arrangements
95 Barnes Rd.
Wallingford CT
1-877-DO FRUIT ( 1-877-363-7848)

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