RAM Fully Concentrated All-Purpose Cleaner – 32-Ounce Bottle


Pros: Melts grease and grime.  Non-toxic.  Light scent.  Contains no phosphates.  One quart makes four gallons of cleaner.

Cons: High retail price – but then the best is seldom cheap.  Availability limited to on-line, phone and mail-order.

Did I tell you about my weekend?  Truth be told, my introduction to RAM predates our ribald multi-day festivities with a Christmas story all its own.  One of the most unconventional yuletide gifts I’ve received to date is a 32-ounce bottle of RAM All-Purpose Cleaner.

thEB6YG87VWhat sounds like a re-gifting effort was actually a sincere and practical gesture by my brother John – which became the gift that keeps on giving.


It wasn’t long before RAM had proven itself in-the-field.  I love to paint, so my interior painting projects were always a blast – it’s the preparatory drudgery that often spoils the fun.



Having a mild, non-toxic cleaner without the strong scent that accompanies the majority of retail brands makes this initial stage less of a headache.  The company claims a light lemon-lime scent to its product.  I would describe it as clean and neutral – an allergy-free tribute to the olfactory minefield lurking in your average supermarket cleaning aisle.

Is Spring Cleaning a cultural phenomenon, or simply a state-of-mind?


Since RAM is a concentrated cleaner, the standard method of dilution is to add 2-ounces of product to 30-ounces of clean tap water.  For convenient measure, the bottle features a vertical, graduated scale.  When mixed into a 1-quart spray bottle, this general-purpose solution is most suitable for routine kitchen and bath maintenance.

Re-Rent Rampage

My tenure as a landlord taught me that fast tenant turnover equals a bigger bottom-line.  Never one to cut corners, a through muck-out (or “dung-out” as it’s known to select Oregonians) is required to attract and secure an elite clientele.

RAM also offers a solution to handle oil-spills and heavy grease.


Since renters can be less conscientious than homeowners, kitchen re-paint projects are the most problematic.  When applied as a fine spray, RAM All-Purpose Cleaner will visibly melt surface grease and keep it suspended throughout the rising process.  This 4-ounce-per-quart mix is also effective for cleaning greasy ovens, stove-tops, exhaust fans, refrigerators, Fiberglas tub and shower inserts and the acre of porcelain tile used in my new home.

There’s even a solution for cleaning carpet printed on the bottle.  I use the recommended 6-ounces of RAM to 26-ounces of water.  My first such excursion found me amazed at the degree of dirt extracted by my intrepid carpet machine.  Also interesting to observe is the fact that the lighter the shade of rug, the more impressive the result.

Rambunctious Revelers

Several of this weekend’s gang had yet to see my new place, so a good first-impression was in order.

A duet of birthdays were the focus of our weekend celebration.
A duet of birthdays was the focus of our weekend celebration.

It took a couple of days to make the premises presentable, but the results were impressive.  The recommended ‘glass‘ mix of 1/4-ounce to 31-ounces of water cleaned and shined the chrome, mirrors and panoramic panes of glass that readily reveal our perpetual peaked paradise.

Rampant Reordering

Once I witnessed the benefits of RAM first-hand, this Mr. Clean was convinced to the point of purchasing a case of 12-bottles.

Multiple Moms were also toasted on their day!
Multiple Moms were also toasted on their day!

Now that I no longer own rental property, my re-ordering quantities will be down-sized – once my spring cleaning projects deplete the surplus of remaining product.

While RAM is a non-toxic cleaner, I always use rubber gloves during the mixing and cleaning process.  For a complete overview of the product, the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) is available at their website, which can be accessed through the purchasing link, above.

To my knowledge and assumption, no rams were harmed in the making of RAM All-Purpose Cleaner.
To my knowledge and assumption, no rams were harmed in the making of RAM All-Purpose Cleaner.

RAM Fully Concentrated All Purpose Cleaner is available in sizes from 1-quart plastic bottle to 55-gallon drum – for those REALLY big cleaning projects.  I re-ordered through the company’s website – where the more you order, the better the price – but RAM is also available through on-line retailers such as Amazon.com.


Non Toxic
No Phosphates
Not a marine pollutant
Suitable for Home, Office and Automotive/Boat applications
Used in Medical and Veterinary practices
Accepted for use in US Government Facilities

Ramage Enterprises
9219 Gulf Beach Hwy. #8
Pensacola, FL  32507
800-326-2644 (Ordering)

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