EZ Moves Furniture Moving System with Lifter Tool and 8 Slides

Pros: simple to use, glad it included 8 slides, lifter is sturdy, reusable

Cons: a smidge more challenging to use when furniture is flush to the floor

One of my current projects is repainting rooms in the house.  Unfortunately, that entails moving heavy furniture away from the walls.  At the moment, my resources for big strong men who don’t mind moving furniture are limited.  That is how I came to buy the EZ Moves Furniture Moving System with Lifter Tool and 8 Slides.


What attracted me to this kit is the “Do It Yourself” slogan, and the eye-catching phrase: “Even when you’re home alone, you can move it ON YOUR OWN!”  Just what I needed.

The package includes a funky metal “L-shaped” furniture lifting bar, advertised to give you 10-times your natural strength.  The furniture lifter comes in two pieces that snap together.  There are also eight furniture slides designed for use on all carpet and hard surface floors.  Each one measures a bit over 5” x 2” end to end.  There are two sides to the sliders: one side is a sturdy plastic; the other side has a blue foam insert where one side is the blue foam and the other side is soft felt.

My Experiences

I am in the process of cleaning my parents’ house, which I inherited.  Remind me to de-clutter my life before I pass on to the next great spiritual adventure!  It amazes me how much stuff they accumulated during their fifty-five years together.  And I’m the one sorting through it all.

One of the first things on my to-do list is having the master bedroom painted.  Prior to painting, of course is the cleaning.  Next comes moving the furniture either out of the room or into the center of the bedroom.  Two bookcases came out of the room via a sturdy hand truck.  The larger pieces of furniture include two bureaus, the bed, and a cedar chest.  Since the house is only so big, those pieces needed moving into the center of the room … and that furniture is solid wood and heavy.

I’m happy to say that the EZ Moves Furniture Moving System is easy to use.  The lifter is much sturdier than I anticipated.  Since the furniture is flush to the floor, it took a bit of maneuvering to slip the edge of the lifter beneath the furniture.  Once the lifter was in place, the pivot action made slipping the sliders beneath the furniture edges a simple task.  I placed four of the sliders beneath the four corners of the two bureaus.  The bedroom has hardwood floors, and the slides coasted along the floor with ease.  The flooring has seen abuse over its forty-four years of life, but I did not notice the slides marring the wood.  I left the slides in place in case the furniture needed shifting during the painting process.  They worked great!

The single instruction sheet lists some safeguards to follow.  Follow the helpful tips for using the lifter (particularly if the furniture is flush to the floor as mine is).  It is recommended to make sure the sliders are clean of debris, or else the clinging debris might scratch or damage flooring.  The instructions also caution to wait 4-6 weeks until new finished floors are “cured”.  Plus, do not use the slides on concrete, which will damage them.

I saved the box to store the lifter and sliders until my next furniture-moving adventure.


I was somewhat doubtful that this EZ Move kit would work.  It is an “As Seen on TV” product, available for purchase on and at some department stores.  I’m a believer now!  This kit saved me some headaches, and I’m loving the new paint color on the walls.

Enjoy the day,

Copyright 2014 Dawn L. Stewart

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