Misto Gourmet Olive Oil Sprayer


Pros: Not expensive, easy to use, reusable, feels “healthier”

Cons: Sometimes does more of a diffuse stream rather than mist

My family?  We used to use a lot of “Pam” and “Crisco”-type cooking sprays.  Just a spray here or there to keep dinner from becoming one with our pans.  We liked that, at the same time, we were keeping calories to a minimum (hard to do when pouring oil from a bottle).  Problem was we weren’t happy with the propellants, throw-away cans, and mystery ingredients.  And then, one night, we found our Misto Olive Oil Sprayer while strolling through Wegmans.  That was a year ago, and we’ve been super-happy with it.

The Misto Gourmet Olive Oil Sprayer is just that—it’s a pressurized pump for making mist out of olive oil.  You half-fill it with olive oil (about three ounces), pump the lid a few times before each use to build pressure, then remove the lid and press the button.  Voila!  A fine mist of olive oil!  We liked our Misto so much we bought a second just for keeping garlic-flavored olive oil!

The spray bottle is an attractive stainless-style  brushed aluminum (it does also come in colors and patterns), and stands about seven inches tall.  It’s reusable (as I said, we’ve been using ours for a year now), and, while I can’t say exactly how many calories there are per spray, I’m confident it’s negligible,  considering how long three ounces lasts.

There’s no real clean-up here, other than keeping the exterior wiped off when necessary.  We have put hot water in between fillings and sprayed it through because it seemed like a good idea, but it’s not required.

The Misto sprayer is perfect for grilling, roasting, sautéing, brush-free basting, and non-stick cooking.  We like to use for non-stick, plus we’re fond of misting grilled veggies.  A special treat is using garlic-flavored olive oil on sliced Italian bread, then toasting with sprinkled parmesan and thin-sliced tomatoes!

The only problem?  Sometimes, if we don’t pump sufficiently, the spray comes out more direct, less misted.  This can also be a problem if the nozzle has become a little clogged.  That’s only happened a few times, and running hot water over the nozzle has taken care of the issue.  Otherwise?

Perfecto!  This is a terrific little contraption that paid for itself in just a couple of months (we used a lot of cooking spray).  It wasn’t pricey, and I feel better about using this versus traditional cooking sprays.  If you’re looking for a more wholesome-feeling way to keep your food from sticking and your veggies moist and pretty, Misto may be exactly what you’re looking for!

Oh, one last thing: the Misto bottle is made in Switzerland, the sprayer is made in the Netherlands, and assembly is in China.

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