LEGO Minifigures The Simpsons: Homer Simpson

Pros: Homer Simpson looks like he just jumped out of the TV screen

Cons: This costs more than the average minifigure series—D’OH!

The announcement that LEGO was focusing its efforts to bring The Simpsons to life for its collection is a marriage made in heaven. For years, many have wondered why such a thing hasn’t happened yet. Given the popularity of The Simpsons, it only made sense. As they say, it’s better late than never. Finally, the citizens of Springfield come to life in that latest LEGO Minifigures collection (unofficially Series 13). Leading the pack is the patriarch of the Simpsons clan, the ever-lovable, doughnut-eating, slightly dimwitted Homer Simpson.

Homer is the perfect father, or at least he thinks so. This is most likely delusions of grandeur on his own part. His many years working at the Springfield Nuclear Plant could have eradicated some brain cells but it doesn’t seem to bother him at all. When he gives sage advice, it sometimes makes sense. My personal favourite is when he tells his kids on the merits of doing their best. In a sense, there’s a reverse Yoda wisdom to it.

“Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try.”

Homer is outfitted in his familiar white, short-sleeved polo shirt and blue slacks. There is very little detail other than the stencil work to show his shirt’s collar and a simple curved line right over his stomach to showcase his rotund belly. The implication is there even though LEGO could have sculpted a body suited for his manly shape.

But I wasn’t sure how LEGO was going to approach the head piece. Would they utilize the basic LEGO head and add painted details around it or would they sculpt something entirely all new and unique? Thankfully, the latter was chosen. It makes a huge difference. All of Homer’s features are captured perfectly with this new headpiece. It’s bigger than a regular head, as well it should be. In fact it’s these facial sculpts that are going to be the selling point for this collection. There’s no getting around it at all. Also, the yellow skin tone is perfectly suited for LEGO.

He wouldn’t be Homer if he didn’t have two of his favourite things in hand. The first one is a doughnut. It’s really a flat LEGO stud with a painted stencil of a doughnut on one side. The other is the remote controller for his TV, another flat painted brick.

As with previous LEGO Minifigures collections, there are sixteen characters in a series. Each one is blind packaged so there is no way of knowing what character you will be getting. However, be prepared to pay more this series. I didn’t realize it until I was paying up. It usually costs an average of $3.00 for each packaged figure. Instead I found myself paying $4.00 for a Simpsons character. Some place are even selling these for $5.00 each. My guess stems from this being a licensed property versus the generic LEGO characters. It’s also a good indicator as to why LEGO doesn’t sell other licensed characters (ie. Star Wars, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, etc.) in this fashion (or at least not yet). Perhaps this is an indicator if this experiment will work or not.

The LEGO Minifigures: The Simpsons collection is a good way to introduce these characters into the LEGO world. I feel that something like this should have been explored ten years ago but I don’t think it would have had this level of detail. But if Star Wars can be recycled over and over again with new sets, then The Simpsons might have had a good chance back then. It’s just nice to finally see Springfield coming to life.

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