Petlinks Dream Curl Two-Surface Scratcher

Pros: creative design, two scratching surfaces, dangling catnip toy

Cons: the toy lasted a month with two very active kitty boys

My rambunctious male cats needed a larger scratching area (other than the furniture!).  So I bought the Petlinks Dream Curl Two-Surface Scratcher.


This carpeted cat scratcher is a sideways “S” shape.  One of the “S” sides includes a 10” x 7” spot, which is filled with sisal.  The one I own is carpeted in a brown/tan weave, and a brown velour-like material lines the bottom.  From the bottom side hangs a catnip ball suspended from an elastic cord.  Overall it measures 19” x 11” x 7”.

My Experiences

I bought this cat scratcher over five years ago, and the cat is still using it.  When I first brought it home, two cats inhabited the house.  (One sadly passed away.)  Both the cats went wild with this scratcher.  They both enjoyed sinking their claws into both the sisal and carpeted areas.  The toy, however, met an unsightly doom.  It took the cats about a month to detach the toy and run off with it.  With only one cat now, this is his favorite cat scratcher.

The Petlinks Dream Curl has held up well over the years.  The part that looks the most worn is the sisal section.  At one point, the sisal was so frayed from cat claws, that I took a pair of scissors and gave the sisal a trim.  The scratcher looked great after the maintenance.  I also enjoy sprinkling a bit of catnip in the lower “S” section.  The cat loves rubbing all over the scratcher and tries to give it a bath.

It looks great in the living room, too.  The carpeted surfaces blend well with the décor.  The scratcher is also compact so that it doesn’t require a lot of dedicated room.


The Petlinks Dream Curl Two-Surface Scratcher was an excellent buy.  It has lasted a long time, and the two different textured scratching surfaces appeal to the felines.  While the toy didn’t last long, the actual cat scratcher is very durable.  This is a winner for us!

I hope you found this review useful.

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Copyright 2014 Dawn L. Stewart

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