Yankee Candle Turquoise Sky Housewarmer Jar Candle

Pros: pleasant fragrance, strong scent, easy to find

Cons: produces black soot and smoke

I love scented candles and am always burning them around my house.  Friends, family, and coworkers know this so I often receive them as gifts.  Some people complain about getting candles as gifts and the fact that they have whole closets full of them that they’ll never use.  That clearly isn’t the case with me and I always appreciate getting them.  I recently received a Yankee Candle Turquoise Sky candle as a thank you present and have been using it in my front room for the past week.  I really like it.

The Details

Yankee Candle’s Turquoise Sky fragrance is described by the company as “calm, salty air with hints of sea grass and musk, float gently on ocean waves”.  It is, in fact, turquoise in color and is sold in a 22 ounce clear glass jar for $27.99.  The estimated burn time is between 110 and 150 hours depending on environmental conditions (wind, drafts, etc).

The Experience

As I stated, I’ve been burning this candle in my front room for the past week.  I’m totally a beach bum.  I live at the beach, my house is decorated in beach-themed decor, and I love tropical and beachy fragrances, so this Turquoise Sky jar is right up my alley.  The scent definitely reminds me of salty sea breezes and my many hours at the beach.  It makes me smile as I recall good times both here at the local beaches but also in my favorite tropical location.  The fragrance is very strong and easily fills my medium-sized front room even when the windows are open and the ceiling fan is on.

The one bad thing about this product is the same thing that is an issue with all Yankee Candles.  They will produce black soot and smoke which can stain ceilings and walls even when you trim the wicks religiously and keep them away from drafts.  Some scents are worse than others, but they all will eventually start spewing black soot and smoke.  (usually by the time they are half-burned) I don’t know why the company refuses to address this issue.  There are many other candle companies that make products that don’t ever produce black soot and smoke so clearly it can be done.  At $28, this candle is a bit pricey but I do have to say that they do have a very long burn time.

Final Thoughts

I do really like Yankee Candle’s Turquoise Sky offering.  The scent is pleasant and strong, it has a long burn time, and it is easy to find.  I wish the formula was improved to eliminate the black soot/smoke issue but I won’t hold my breath on that one.  I would definitely buy this candle in the future.


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