Cool Baker “Donut Maker” Kit

Pros: nothing else needed except water

Cons: taste, overpriced for what you get

For her last birthday my daughter received the Cool Baker Donut Maker kit. This set is recommended for ages 6 and up. It makes “Delicious No Bake Donuts”. Yup, that’s right – no bake donuts. If your stomach hasn’t already rolled at the thought of a no bake donut, then let’s continue with the review…

The kit comes with everything you need to make 3 mini donuts. It has the donut maker tray, donut press/icing dispenser, bowl, spatula, spoon, icing tips, donut mix, 2 icing mixes and sprinkles. The only thing you need to provide to make the donuts is some water.

The first step is to assemble the dispenser. It is somewhat like a cookie press. To make the donuts simply pour the donut mix into the bowl. Water is added to the mix using the supplied measuring spoon. Stir the mix with the included spatula, the pour the mix into the press. Then, using the press, dispense the mix into the donut tray. There will be just enough mix to fill the three holes for the donuts. Next, put the lid on the tray and place the tray into the refrigerator so that the donuts can rise and set.

While the donuts are in the fridge, wash out all of the tools. You will need to use them again for the icing. To make the icing, simply pour the icing mix in the bowl, add water and mix. You can use the spatula to spread the icing on the donut or put the icing into the press and use an icing tip.

My daughter though this kit was cool when she received it. I was pretty turned off at the thought of a no bake donut. She is 9, and she was able to get everything together pretty much on her own. After we took the donuts out of the refrigerator, we found that they did rise as expected. She used the pink icing to frost all three donuts then put the sprinkles on. I had her wait a little while for the frosting to set because it looked watery. When I gave the go-ahead, she and my son were ready to eat the donuts.

They dove in to eat the donuts, saying “Mmmmm the icing is good”. The donuts were so tiny that they finished them within a couple bites. Then the attitude changed. They started making faces, and my daughter said “That donut was a little slimy”. My son asked for a drink to wash the taste out. The third donut was never eaten.

I looked up this kit and online I found it selling for$15. It’s nice that the set comes with everything you need, but still, 15 bucks is a lot of money for 3 tiny donuts. I could pay $3 for six full sized donuts at DD. I couldn’t stand the thought of a no bake donut, and it turned out that my kids didn’t care for the finished product. I would definitely skip the Cool Baker Donut Maker kit

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